The “road diet” for Canal Pointe Boulevard—recommended since 2004—has finally been put to the test. And it’s a success.

Hardly “a major city road,” as one resident has suggested, this is a calmed and reasonable street for those who live or work in developments adjacent to the road as well as for those traversing it to get to the MarketFair or other businesses.

Canal Pointe Boulevard is a model for those looking for ways to calm traffic to enable bicyclists and walkers a further measure of safety while still enabling cars to move through an area.

West Windsor Councilman and Mayor-elect Hemant Marathe expressed opposition to the restriping of Canal Pointe Boulevard to include two travel lanes, a turn/emergency vehicle lane, and bike lanes.

Councilwoman-elect Virginia Manzari said the road changes “will back up traffic, and people will use the turning lane as a passing lane.” So far, they have been proven wrong.

Now that the reconstruction has been achieved and has been in use, one can see that there has been a vast improvement for the nearby residents and users of that road. Naysayers warned of more traffic and wait times. Instead, the traffic moves smoothly. The restriping has done exactly what it was designed to do: calm traffic.

When planning for the future of West Windsor, I trust that West Windsor residents and elected officials will consider reputable studies rather than rumors or idle speculation, so that the township can grow and develop in a reasonable and sustainable way.

— Sandra Shapiro, West Windsor