Illustrator Skyler Bajek, Bruiser the cat and author Barbara Ann Gareis of Bordentown smile in a recent photo. Bruiser is the subject of a new children’s book by Gareis.

Author Barbara Ann Gareis recently published her fourth book and first children’s picture book, Bruiser: A True Story About a Special Cat.

Illustrated by high school senior Skyler Bajek, the book depicts the author’s cat, Bruiser, on the day of his rescue. Bruiser, a one-eyed cat, has gained a steady following of local fans and loving support from children and adults throughout the surrounding communities.

Bruiser is a story about a special cat that was alone and scared, bullied and neglected. It’s also about a family who loved him and gave him another chance at life. The book is available on Amazon in soft cover format for $9.95 and Kindle for $.99.

Gareis is the author of two books and a memoir, as well as the blog Sharing Hope. She is also a motivational speaker who appears before women’s groups, and she shares her story of Bruiser’s rescue with children and adults at libraries, schools, pet stores, veterinary clinics and other venues for various organizations. Gareis, a Bordentown resident, has a business degree from Thomas Edison State College. For more information, visit, or find her on Twitter at @barbaragareis or Facebook.

Bruiser is a special cat who often visits the Columbus Central Veterinary Hospital. He can be found at, as well as on Facebook. Visit Bruiser’s website for more information, including a complete schedule of the 2017-2018 book tour. Bruiser attends most of the events with the Gareis and Bajek, and he paw-tographs the books. For more information or to schedule an appearance, email the author at