This article was originally published in the November 2017 Princeton Echo.

The now completed 11 Green Street house.

The September, 2016, Princeton Echo featured a cover story titled “Green Street Blues,” documenting the teardown of modest homes in the Witherspoon Jackson neighborhood and advent of stylish, expensive homes in their place.

The former 11 Green Street home.

The cover showed a photo of the former house at 11 Green Street, and another photo of the new house at the site. The architect of the new house, Marina Rubina, was critical of our editorial treatment. The photo we printed of the new house, taken while the site was still in construction mode, was from the back of the house — hardly a fair comparison with the front view of the old house.

We agreed with Rubina. Since then she provided a photo of the now completed house, taken from nearly the same angle as the photo of the old house (above). The new No. 11, she believes, fits in nicely with the rest of the street.

Meanwhile, the gentrification continues. The boarded up house at 20 Green Street, listed for $835,000 a year ago, sold this summer for $525,000. The buyer’s name was not immediately revealed. But expect another tear down coming soon.