I have known Rakesh for more than 18 years. In these years I have observed his sincere and helpful nature with a constant emphasis on quality education for his children. His desire for the best education for his children drove him to the high-ranking WW-P district in 2004. Along with excellence in education, diversity offered by the district attracted him and his family to the district. We followed them a year later for the same reasons!

Rakesh is an active member of his community as a member of the Le Parc board for the last ten years and President for the last four years. He volunteers in schools, on soccer fields, in fundraising for the WW-P Education Foundation and West Windsor Arts Council, and supports charitable organizations from the local HomeFront in Mercer County to educating girls in India (through Bitiya). It does not come as a surprise to me that he wishes to be on the school board to help maintain the excellence in education our district has achieved.

Rakesh will bring much needed diversity on the school board. With the extreme divergence of opinions and philosophies between parents within our district, Rakesh with his understanding of the community will work well with everyone for the ultimate benefit of our children. He will bring a different perspective to the board in a respectful manner.

As parents, we need someone to be our voice, and Rakesh with his experience in the school district and understanding of the community, is the ideal candidate in my opinion. With a child currently in the school district he has a vested interest in its betterment and upkeep. His experience in the financial industry, excellent interpersonal skills, and hard-working personality will be an asset to the school board.

I am proud to support Rakesh and I encourage everyone to support and vote for him.

— Suparna Mahableshwarkar, West Windsor