I am writing to voice my support for Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield for election to the Board of Education of the West Windsor Plainsboro School District. Not only am I confident that Dana and Martin have the professional and personal experience to honor the objectives of the Board of Education as authorized and its’ Code of Ethics as required, but to do so consistently with genuine compassion and humility.

As a four year member of the Maurice Hawk PTA and former two term president, I sincerely support all voices even those dissenting as deserving of ‘a seat at the table’. However, I am hard-pressed to support any candidate who when previously elected to serve the greater good through the PTA/PTSA platform did so only in name. PTA/PTSA parent elected volunteer leadership and parent volunteer participation at every school requires veritable time and commitment in order to truly advocate for all children. This opportunity is open to all parents at their child’s school and there is a real need for parent and teacher contributions in frank and candid dialogue. In order to participate in the PTA/PTSA platform in each school, a West Windsor resident must have a child actively enrolled in the district. I am compelled to support BOE candidates that have children actively enrolled in the district or who have been actively participating in the district dialogue while their child or children matriculated through the public education system to 12th grade graduation and have done so despite differences of opinion without rancor and with true equanimity.

The privilege of serving on a Board of Education or in any elected position is one of public servitude. It requires a persevering and unwavering commitment to community long after the polls have closed which can only be achieved through dedicated constructive communication while working in a spirit of teamwork for true consensus that always demands compromise and respect.

As West Windsor and Plainsboro residents live into public education in the 21st century, we should not fool ourselves as to the challenge and complexity of the task at hand. The promise of a truly rigorous yet resilient egalitarian public education has yet to be fulfilled but deserves our commitment. There are no quick fixes, easy solutions, or obvious answers available as we grappled with how we best educate all children in our rapidly changing landscape. I would be suspect of any BOE candidate who professed otherwise. Our ever evolving environment reflects constant technological advances; thriving diversity and growing pluralism; and new, developing educational thought and praxis.

Public education is by necessity continuously adapting, modifying and revising. Our public servants must thus be stalwart, flexible and responsive while concurrently focused on a long-term vision that is dynamic, inclusive and innovative. Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield embody these attributes and will graciously and self-effacingly serve West Windsor well.

— Brandi Hebert


The election is approaching quickly and I really hope everyone exercises their right to vote. This election has been a heated one on many social media groups. I would like everyone to take the time to find out what a candidate is about rather than vote for street signs. As I get to know the candidates and their “platforms” I’m realizing how different they are. It is very important for us to select a candidate who will support ALL children. In order for us to be a successful district we need Board of Education members who can unite us in a mission, not divide us. Remember it takes a village to raise a child. Some candidates have proven themselves to be long term leaders in our community and others have “Volunteered” just to put it on their campaign flyer.

I am a parent of two young children going through the WW-P schools and my whole life revolves around these kids and their wellbeing. I think I can claim my views to be one of a very invested parent. I moved to West Windsor in 2012 almost exclusively because of the school district. My only requirement then was academic excellence and I really believe WW-P has so far delivered what I came here for.

Over the years, I got actively involved in both the school and local community. I have learned so much from attending Board of Ed meetings, chatting with my neighbors who have kids in different WW-P schools and WW-P middle & high school students that really have helped me understand what I should want for my kids for the future. I am now a believer in the ‘Whole Child’ education which focuses on academic excellence and the 21st century competencies. It is important for our children to have a very strong academic background as well as important abilities such as public speaking and the ability to collaborate with others. These are the tools which will allow them to succeed in the future.

Dana Krug has already proven her support for a school system that encourages this balance. Dana’s resume speaks for itself. She has been a long time community leader who is the president and chair of the Friends of the West Windsor Library, a former PTSA President, and the proud mom of 3 WW-P children (2 of who are currently in WWP schools, 1 who graduated). She is also an incumbent in the school board election and she has proven her dedication to this district in her 2 terms on the Board of Education.

I have known Martin Whitfield since 2012. First as a very friendly neighbor and a proud parent of 5 children, all attending WW-P schools. I remember long conversations with him when hanging out in our neighborhood parks where he would go on non-stop with great ideas for our town & district. Many of you know him as the General Manager of the West Windsor Athletic Club. He is a very passionate community member and his service is well known in our community.

Comments from those running against Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield are easily available to read on Facebook. The comments are disrespectful and sometimes even blatant lies. Even if somehow I could put aside our difference in their opinion on school matters, the contrasting personalities makes the choice a no-brainer for me. I need my representatives be friendly, approachable, ones with open minds and having courtesy to listen and consider my views with respect.

It takes a village to raise children, a village with many different ideas, a village with people that join together and make decisions for a more well-rounded and complete society that does not just fight for

the academically gifted kids, sports kids, music kids, etc. We want someone who will fight for ALL kids equally. My views and your views are sure to change over time as we grow with the changing times. We need people who are open to new opinions and who are able to change with the times as well. Please read about the candidates and elect those you will be proud of associating yourselves with.

I for one am very proud to be associated with Krug & Whitfield! Keep Calm and vote for Krug & Whitfield for Board of Education

— Maya Kamath, West Windsor


On November 7, I urge you to vote for Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield for school board. I strongly believe that they are the most qualified candidates, who will best represent the interests of all of the children in the district. Dana is running for her third term on the BOE, and throughout her tenure has demonstrated that she possesses the skills and the temperament to be an effective Board member. As the former chair of the Finance Committee, and the current Chair of the Curriculum Committee, Dana has consistently balanced the need for financial responsibility with ensuring that students have the highest quality curricula, teaching staff, and educational opportunities. She is committed to serving the interests of the whole child, every child, global child.

Martin is the Manager of the Windsor Athletic Center (WAC), and, as such, is responsible for managing a sizeable budget and numerous multi- cultural educational, athletic, and community programs for children and adults. As a father of five students in the district, he has a strong understanding of the needs of students at every level of their education. Martin has articulated that the “diversity of thought” is one of our community’s strongest assets, and will strive to build consensus among those with differing views on education.

Both Dana and Martin will work with the Administration and the BOE to serve the best interests of our students and our community. Both are always willing to listen to others’ viewpoints, but both have the courage to voice their concerns or disagree with proposals when warranted. It is this quality,

combined with their knowledge and commitment, that make Dana and Martin the best candidates for the BOE.

— Sue Roy, West Windsor


I enthusiastically encourage West Windsor voters to re-elect Dana Krug to the West Windsor-Plainsboro School Board on Tuesday, November 7. West Windsor is fortunate to have a candidate of her excellent credentials and admirable dedication. A two-term member of the WW-P School Board, Dana is the School Board’s Liaison to the West Windsor Recreation and Parks Commission, of which I am Chair.

Since April 2011, Dana has attended our monthly Recreation and Parks Commission meetings, reporting on school district and Board of Education issues that pertain to the Commission (and other topics). She ensures that the programs sponsored by the West Windsor Recreation and Parks Commission, many of which are held in district schools, run smoothly.

She promptly follows up on any concerns that might arise, then reports back to the Commission and the township’s Recreation Director. Her communication skills are exemplary. She listens and advises with the utmost of respect. She has additional interaction with many different recreation organizations in the area and often shares insights from these experiences with the Commission. Dana is a valuable contributor to the Recreation Commission’s work.

Throughout Dana’s time and effort as liaison to the Commission, I also have observed how deeply she cares about the quality of education for all students and how thoroughly she understands the educational experiences of all students. She and her husband have a graduate of our district and two children currently attending our schools. She has advocated fairly and passionately for students, families, teachers and administrators. Presently, Dana is Chair of the School Board’s Curriculum Committee. She has previously chaired the Board’s Finance Committee and chaired the Board’s committee for teachers’ union negotiations. In fact, Dana has professional experience in fiscal management and contract negotiations, as well as marketing.

She also has demonstrated effective leadership in our public library, sports and PTSA organizations. Everything with which Dana Krug chooses to be involved exemplifies her commitment and joy to help our community, especially our young residents.

— Nancy Greenberger, West Windsor


I enthusiastically support Dana Krug for re-election to the West Windsor-Plainsboro School Board.

I have known Dana for many years and have witnessed firsthand her tireless dedication to our community. Whether serving in a volunteer capacity or serving consecutive terms on the Board, Dana has committed herself to ensuring that our families are given the opportunity to have our children prosper. More importantly, I have come to know Dana as a bright, hardworking, warm and caring friend, wife and mother. She is a person of character, the type of person we need to navigate the complexities of a school system in a diverse community like ours.

The 2018 US News & World Report rankings list the WW-P school district 3rd overall in the state, with High School North ranked 10th and High School South ranked 18th. In her two terms on the Board, Dana has been an indispensable leader in the Board’s efforts to sustain this level of academic excellence. Dana has chaired both the Finance Committee and the Curriculum Committee and serves as the Boards liaison to the Superintendent’s Advisory Council.

It is critical that we have Dana on the Board if we wish to maintain and exceed what we’ve accomplished to this point. We need Dana Krug, who has a proven record of success both as a leader and Board member, to advocate for our children.

Please get out and vote on Tuesday, November 7th and cast your vote for Dana Krug.

— John Lappetitom West Windsor


I am writing to express my support for Dana Krug in her campaign for reelection to the West Windsor-Plainsboro Board of Education. I have had the privilege to work with Dana as board members for Community Middle School’s PTSA. As PTSA Co-President, Dana demonstrated great leadership, the ability to handle complicated issues, and to consistently listen to differing opinions and ultimately make thoughtful decisions.

Dana is keenly aware that providing each child with the tools to succeed in our ever-changing world is a complicated process. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that all students have access to a rigorous education that prepares them for real world challenges, while being mindful of the ever-present stresses today’s student body encounters. Her professional experience as a project manager for Dow Jones and her tenure as the Board of Education Finance Committee Chairwoman show that she is highly qualified to represent the best interests of West Windsor citizens. This year’s election will be held on Tuesday, November 7. I encourage you to cast your vote for Dana Krug.

— Dawn O’Brien, West Windsor


A campaign agenda defined by personal animosity and half-truths and posting a record number of signs on public right-of-ways throughout West Windsor does not translate into qualifications to serve on the WWP School Board. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Thankfully, there are two candidates—incumbent Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield—who possess the real qualifications to serve. Both Krug and Whitfield have the expertise to set sound policies that will empower students to reach their potential and have the temperament to effectively execute the work with civility. Equally important, they understand fiscal management practices to maximize resources to provide the greatest benefit to our students.

As a graduate of the WWP school system and now parent of three sons in the district, I’ve long been an observer of the Board’s actions and decisions. In all these years, no question Dana is a stand out as a board member. She takes a thoughtful approach to issues, forming her decisions after robust community input, research and careful deliberation.

In my conversations with Martin Whitfield, it’s clear he shares the same student-centered vision and is equally measured and accessible. I am hopeful you will join me in supporting Krug and Whitfield. Our children’s education deserves the sound leadership that these two outstanding candidates will no doubt provide.

— Libby Swanke Vinson, West Windsor


I am writing to urge voters to support Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield for West Windsor-Plainsboro Board of Education.

Dana Krug has the knowledge, experience, and understanding of the legal limitations and responsibilities of a member of the Board of Education from her years of service. From her work volunteering in the PTA, she understands how much parents care about our kids and raising them to their full potentials. She carries herself in a professional manner at all times and is always willing to listen to others’ opinions and input.

Martin Whitfield has demonstrated a willingness to listen to people with different opinions working on fostering a bigger sense of community. He has seen a sense of divide in our town and wants to bring people together; we all care about education and our kids. Adding Martin’s understanding of multiple community voices will make our district stronger to address concerns and to hopefully reduce the vitriol shown in past BOE meetings. He also carries himself professionally with an open mind to all.

Both candidates are parents who have had and have children attending this district and have a stake in maintaining the high quality of our programs. Both candidates are committed to uniting our community and continuing the education excellence that we have enjoyed over the last 15 years in WWP.

Our school district is facing a huge crisis in school population and classroom sizes right now and into the future. We cannot afford to have a BOE that is fractious and dysfunctional when we need leaders to guide us through this newest challenge.

I urge all West Windsor residents to vote for Krug and Whitfield for WWP BOE to have Board members who will maintain civility and professionalism in making the best decisions for our kids and to maintain the high standards of education that parents have come to expect.

— Karen Sue, Windsor Resident


We too are writing in support of Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield in the upcoming West Windsor- Plainsboro Regional School District Board of Education election. They both have a proven record of dedication to not only our schools, but to the community as well.

Dana has a long vested interest in our schools and has a 6 year voting record to back it up. Her thoughtful, thorough and accurate evaluations of the many facets that go into the management of the school district have been demonstrated again and again. She has shown she has the best interest of every child in the district. Balancing the needs and interests of all the children in the district is a daunting task with which she has done a tremendous job.

In addition to her work on the school board, she is also an active member of the community volunteering for the WW library and many other organizations and spends an enormous amount of time volunteering in the schools themselves. This gives her the unique ability to see firsthand the issues she has been tasked to evaluate and more importantly speak with and observe those in charge of administering the decisions made by the board.

Martin Whitfield will also be an excellent addition to the school board. His time spent with the community as manager of the WAC will serve the district well as he has an opportunity to regularly engage with the parents and students in the district. We feel this exposure to the pulse of the community will benefit the school district. Furthermore, we feel he has the ability to balance his own personal opinions with the needs and wishes of the district to find a solution that works for everyone.

We firmly believe that Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield are the best choices for the WWP school board and we urge you all to vote with us for them on November 7th.

— Melanie and Andrew Wilhelm, West Windsor


Several years ago, the district was challenged by a “special interest group” that wanted to drain district resources to start a charter school.  Now we have a new special interest group that wants to turn back the clock on progress.

During this year’s campaign, some candidates are making noises about representing “all” the people in the community.  This is code for “some changes were made that we didn’t like, so elect us and those kinds of changes won’t happen again.”  They also promise a transparent decision-making process.  Every decision that the board makes is already transparent, except in cases where confidentiality prohibits a public airing.  These candidates’ “transparency” would involve longer, less productive board meetings.  Adding them to the board will make it harder for the administration to run the schools, since more time will be spent responding to unnecessary information requests.

These candidates are not leaders.  They, like national politicians, promise you that everything will be better if they are elected.  When your children already attend school in arguably the best public schools in the state, how are they going to make things better? They think they can shake up the system and provide the same quality education at lower cost.

Electing Veronica Mehno, Helen Ming and Peter Syrek will allow special interests to have a board majority.  Residents of WW-P cannot afford to elect these individuals to the board. As we go to the polls on Nov. 7, residents of WW-P need to elect the best candidates to the Board of Education.  These individuals are Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield in West Windsor, and Isaac Cheng in Plainsboro.  Let’s elect these candidates and keep the West Windsor – Plainsboro schools the best in the state!

Scott Powell

West Windsor

Powell is a former member of the WW-P School Board


“The facts cannot be ignored, the WW-P school district is a beacon of excellence.” Such was the assessment of Superintendent Aderhold, as reported in the October 19th edition of the WW-P News, an assessment that is borne out by the district’s high rankings in numerous publications, the incredible achievements of its students, and the educational experience of the vast majority of children in the district.

Unfortunately, as also observed by Dr. Aderhold, there is a “false public narrative that has been perpetuated by some that has served to demean this amazing school district and school community.” It is important for West Windsor voters to know that two candidates for school board – Veronica Mehno and Helen Ming – are among the primary purveyors of these fallacies.

Here is a sampling of their distortions and misinformation: Ms. Mehno criticized the district for “the catastrophe of handing Chromebooks to second graders.” In fact, they are not provided until the fifth grade.

Ms. Ming claims the administration is “dumbing down” the math and English curricula by implementing Common Core. In fact, the district is legally required to teach Common Core, and in WW-P, those standards are the floor, not the ceiling. In the same vein, Ms. Ming implies that the district had lowered standards by eliminating Algebra in the ninth grade. In fact, it is now being taught in the eighth grade!

Most inexcusably, Ms. Mehno and Ms. Ming recently resorted to fear mongering, asking in a Facebook post, without any factual basis, if WW-P “has or is very close to having a drug problem,” and asserting that 20 percent of WW-P students are “struggling” and need vocational training.

I take no pleasure in writing this letter. But though I recently moved from town, I still care deeply about this community and feel compelled to point out how these candidates have conducted themselves. Character still matters. Credibility still matters.

Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield have both of those in abundance. They will bring experience, objectivity, civility and a record of dedication and community service to the school board. On November 7th, I urge West Windsor voters to cast their ballots for Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield.

George Borek

Borek is a former West Windsor Councilman.