I write in support of Rakesh Kak for WW-P school board. Everyone running says they want the best education for our children at the lowest cost possible. The hard part is knowing what to do when those competing interests clash. I support Rakesh because I believe he has not only his heart in the right place but also the training and skills to make the difficult decisions. I have witnessed those skills first-hand during the several years we served together on the board of our homeowners’ association.

The responsibilities of being on the school board and being on the board of a homeowners’ association are very similar. As homeowners, we all want our neighborhood to look good. We all want quality services. But not everyone uses every service or ascribes the same value to them.

The school district is no different. Those with children in the schools today value the services provided by our educational institutions differently. For some, the quality of the classroom experience is of paramount importance. Others ascribe equal value to extracurricular experiences. Some believe we should allocate every possible dollar to teachers and administration to attract the highest-caliber talent. Others believe managing costs is essential if we are to sustain the quality of education over the long term.

Rakesh understands that there is no right or wrong here. As a school board member he will not bring any ideological agenda to the role. Instead Rakesh will approach each decision dispassionately and thoroughly. He will analyze the information presented, seek additional information if what is presented is inadequate, and ask questions until he is comfortable that he has all that is necessary to make an informed decision.

I know this because I saw him do it during our years together on the Le Parc board. Rakesh recognizes that it is for the board to determine what services to prioritize and how much to pay for them, at all times taking into account the interests of the entire community.

Rakesh is a very intelligent man. He is well-educated and has achieved much in his professional life. Yet he never assumes his view is the only view. Rakesh has the temperament to seek out the opinions of others and work cooperatively to achieve consensus.

My children enjoyed the benefits of the quality education in the WW-P school system. My wife and I are empty-nesters, and recently relocated from Le Parc to Village Grande. We stayed in this district and we believe the students in the system today deserve at least the quality of education that our children received. At the same time, we like everyone else can afford to pay only so much in taxes to pay for that education. We are comfortable that Rakesh will maintain the high standards of WW-P while being a steward of our hard-earned dollars.

— David Levy, West Windsor


I have known Rakesh and his family since we first moved into West Windsor in 2005. Rakesh and I have commuted together to New York City for work for the past eight years and when you spend so much time with one person you get to know the person quite well. I have always found Rakesh to be a dedicated family person, who cared deeply about the overall growth and development of his children, and well being of his family. I believe, if elected, Rakesh will work the hardest and in the best interest of the students and the parents of the school district.

He has been a great friend and has always stood by us, good times or bad times. He is always there to provide you with an ear and a perspective. He is not the one who shies away from providing open and honest feedback. These traits will serve him very well in performing his duties on the school board.

Rakesh has a vast experience in the financial services industry having worked for large investment banking firms. He is a co-founder of a boutique investment banking firm for the past six years. Given his experience and expertise in the area of fiscal management, he will be uniquely placed to play a key role in optimizing the school budget.

Rakesh’s strengths of family values, listening skills, leadership skills, and fiscal responsibility make him the best candidate for the school board elections. I whole heartedly support his candidacy and encourage everyone to elect him to the school board on November 5th.

— Eesh K. Bansal, West Windsor