I am writing in support of Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield for West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District School Board because of their dedicated service to our community and our students.

Dana has served on the board for fifteen years. She knows the district well and as a mom, with a child who graduated and one child still in the district she has a vested interest to serve. Dana is out in the community speaking to parents and students to understand their needs. She represents the district well. I want to see her continue to serve WW-P parents and students in our community.

Martin is also dedicated to the community. He has children in the district and has lived in both Plainsboro and West Windsor and his children have attended both schools. He knows the teachers, parents, and students. He has served on the strategic planning committee, worked closely with the Chinese community and the African American community. He is a dedicated family man He is a role model to not only his family to others. He loves children and promotes their interests.

Their platform: Promote excellence in education with a focus on each and every child; Maintain fiscal responsibility; Strengthen our diverse community; Manage future enrollment growth; Is exactly what the district needs in support of the strategic five-year plan.

— Karen Delk, West Windsor


I am writing to you with great enthusiasm and my strongest possible support for the re-election of Dana Krug to the West Windsor Plainsboro School Board. I have known Dana for 15 years and she is a highly competent and effective Board member who is committed to the education and success of our children. I am a 20-year West Windsor Community resident and parent of 2 boys in the WW-P school district, and it is clear to me that Dana cares deeply about what matters to us as parents and community members. She supports all students’ needs and a high standard in educating our children. As a professional and educator myself, I appreciate her forthright, yet thoughtful and all-inclusive approach. Her experience as the current Chair of the Curriculum Committee and Liaison to both the Superintendent’s Advisory Council and West Windsor Recreation Committee and Board have put her in an ideal position to navigate important issues in our schools and community. She also takes fiscal responsibility very seriously and does what is in the best interest of our community. Dana has the personality, drive, and track record to help our district continue to grow and succeed.

Dana Krug stands out among the candidates and has proven to be a highly effective, deeply committed parent and school board member. Please join me in supporting and voting for her re-election to the WWP School Board on November 7th.

— Karen M. Berkowitz, M.D.
Associate Professor, Drexel University College of Medicine


I am writing in support of Dana Krug’s re-election to the WW-P Board of Education. She has served the district well in the past 6½ years, working to maintain the high standards of our schools while keeping fiscal responsibility as a board member top of mind. She is a former Chair of the Board’s Finance Committee and Committee Chair in charge of negotiations for teachers’ contracts, so she has extensive experience in the financial stewardship of taxpayer dollars. With the proposed Howard Hughes development project, it is crucial to have a seasoned candidate analyzing the impact of future enrollment growth on our schools.

As the current Chair of the Board’s Curriculum Committee, she is immersed in building and refining educational programs for district students. She has worked on the District’s Technology Committee as well as one of the Strategic Planning Committees. In short, Dana’s experience across a variety of Board committees has given her hands-on experience in dealing with the challenges of managing a district of nearly 10,000 students.

Dana seeks to bring disparate groups together to forge partnerships and make decisions that are in the best interests of our children. She always comports herself professionally and has never resorted to histrionics. She favors unity over divisiveness and she champions facts over misinformation.

Dana has been a dedicated school and community volunteer for the past 15 years, holding leadership positions in the PTAs, the Friends of the West Windsor Library and WW-P Babe Ruth State Baseball, among other organizations. Her record of long hours spent on behalf of bettering our community speaks for itself.

Dana has chosen Martin Whitfield as her running mate. Like Dana, Martin is a dedicated community member who currently serves as the General Manager of the Princeton-Windsor Cultural Complex, where he oversees educational enrichment programs, fitness/wellness/sports programs, and cultural events serving thousands of community residents. Martin has worked on the District’s Strategic Planning initiative and is committed to working hard on behalf of our students and our diverse community.

Please join me in supporting Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield for the Board of Education on November 7th.

— Allegra D’Adamo, West Windsor


We are writing today to endorse Dana Krug and her campaign for re-election to the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional Board of Education.

We have known Dana for 15 years – initially as fellow parents helping to navigate their young children through school and community activities/athletics. She was a constant fixture within the schools and with her children, volunteering wherever and whenever she was needed. But Dana wanted to work to make more of a difference in our school district, and was elected to the Board of Education in 2011. She came to the Board with extensive professional experience in project management, contract negotiations and fiscal management. She also had the benefit of her volunteer experience within the various PTSAs. She has since served 2 terms for our district, Chairing the Curriculum Committee, the Finance Committee, and serving as the Liaison to the Recreation Commission and the Superintendent’s Advisory Council. She has worked diligently these past 2 terms ensuring that our great school district continues to provide our children the education they deserve, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

As you can see, Dana has the knowledge and experience needed to be an effective board member for the WW-P School District. We can also attest to her character…hard working, thoughtful, and pragmatic are some words that come to mind when describing Dana Krug. She will listen to your questions and concerns, and will always work for the best possible outcome.

We have full trust that Dana Krug will continue to be an excellent member of our BOE and we will be voting for her on November 7th. We hope you will too!

— John and Mary Ellen Murphy, West Windsor


I’m writing to express my support for Dana Krug for re-election to the WW-P Board of Education. Dana was one of the first neighbors I met when my family moved to West Windsor in 2006, and I have admired her commitment to family, community, and education ever since. I’ve known Dana as a West Windsor Moms Club member, a classroom parent at Dutch Neck and Village, a member and officer in our PTA/PTSA, and a tireless supporter of her three children’s extra-curricular activities. She has also served as president and chair of the Friends of the West Windsor Library and as an alumni interviewer for Duke University. Dana’s professional and educational experience in communications, budgeting, and project management also contribute to her qualifications. Most notably, however, Dana has served on the WW-P Board of Education for two terms, gaining invaluable experience and working collaboratively with fellow board members, parents, teachers, and administrators. Personally, I know Dana to be respectful, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about the current educational landscape. Furthermore, she makes thoughtful decisions, carefully considering feedback while observing the regulatory compliance and fiscal responsibility this position requires. For these reasons, please join me in re-electing Dana Krug on November 7.

— Megan Blessing, West Windsor


As a parent of a WWP middle school and high school student, I would like to take this opportunity to share my support and endorsement of Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield for the school board. Both of these candidates support what matters most to our student body and have the capacity to move the current issues in the direction that most benefits the students and families of this school district. Ms. Krug’s past six and half years on the School Board has shown her ability to balance taxpayer fiscal responsibility while not compromising the quality of education our children deserve. The current environment and tone of our School Board is challenging and unfortunately, divisive. Ms. Krug has handled these challenges with grace while never losing sight of her goals and beliefs. I’m excited that she has chosen Martin Whitfield as her running mate. He is a strong advocate for education for all students and shares Ms. Krug’s strong desire to bring our diverse community together on the issues that matter most. Both of these candidates have children in the district and can appreciate our district’s perspectives as taxpayers and parents. My family and I fully support these two candidates and look forward to supporting them in the November election.

— Jill Herbst, West Windsor


As a Board member for nine years and former chairperson of the Curriculum Committee, I know the personal qualities and experiences that this position requires. That is why I support the election of KRUG and WHITFIELD for the two West Windsor seats on the Board of Education.

Serving with Dana Krug on the Board, I can assure you that she is a careful listener, requires factual data, asks critical probing questions, and respects the input of all concerned parties as a basis for her collaborative approach to working with colleagues and the general public. Her decision making process is always based upon what is in the best interest of all of our children. This is how she has functioned as a member of the Finance and Curriculum Committees. She has used these skills as the Chairperson of the Negotiation Team, resulting in continued financial prudence, which serves all taxpayers.

Martin Whitfield has just completed membership on the critical District Strategic Planning Committee, setting the guidelines for all school operations for the next five years. Having also served in that capacity over fifteen years ago, I understand the critical knowledge that he will bring to the Board from that role. In addition, as the general manager of the Princeton-Windsor Cultural Complex, he has already proved himself to be successful in bringing diverse groups together, in inter-cultural/ethnic activities that are strengthening the fabric of this community.

Public education is the foundation of our democracy. West Windsor-Plainsboro is a recognized leader among the best school districts in New Jersey and the United States. Support the continued excellence of our Public School System. Elect Krug and Whitfield, lines 4 and 2 on November 7th.

— Richard Kaye, West Windsor


If West Windsor voters value fiscal responsibility and well-run schools, I urge them to re-elect Dana Krug and elect Martin Whitfield to the WW-P Board of Education.

I have considered carefully the positions and qualifications of Krug and Whitfield as well as those of their opponents and it’s clear to me that Krug and Whitfield have the integrity, commitment, and qualifications to serve effectively. I know Krug and Whitman believe that honest debate and reasonable discussion are an integral part of the school board’s work. I’m greatly concerned with their opponents’ ad hominem attacks on board members and school staff, and I believe that their repeated expressions of divisiveness, disdain, and obstruction bring nothing useful to the school board, and can only lead to damage and decline.

I hope West Windsor residents will vote for substance over cynicism; will vote for hard work and continued progress over cheap shots and regression. Vote for Krug and Whitman because it’s the right thing to do for the future of our students. And if you’re indifferent to our students, then vote to protect the value of your home, which depends greatly on the reputation of your school district.

— Robert J. Johnson, West Windsor


I am writing this letter in support of Martin Whitfield in his quest for a seat on the WWP School Board. My passion for this school district goes back to 1984 when I moved to West Windsor, with at the time two children (and in 1986, a third) Though my permanent residence is now in California, my connection to the West Windsor-­? Plainsboro students and families remains as strong as ever, and I take very personally and seriously the success of our district. Over the twenty-­?seven years that I lived in West Windsor I witnessed an area that exploded in population, new schools that were built, school personnel that saw many retirements and along with that the infusion of young, enthusiastic, new teachers, and sadly, yes, some tragedies. I’ve also seen the populations of WWP shift dramatically, driven by the stellar reputation of our schools and students. Last December my email and Facebook were flooded with messages from students and parents about the article written in the New York Times – above the fold, front page. My heart sunk. I couldn’t process that this was the area where I raised my kids and sent them to school, where I had established roots and made lifelong friends, and where I established a business, The Princeton Education Network, that still thrives today. A town so divided was not the one I remembered. What happened? I am still not sure that I know, but what I do know is that when we stop talking to each other, and more importantly stop listening to each other, nothing but hardship and heartache can ensue. When I met Martin Whitfield and spoke with him for hours (yes, hours) I began to see a way back for this district that I so love. He was able to articulate so clearly the positions of the varying sectors within our area without judging anyone for their beliefs. Instead, he showed a real understanding of the positions taken even though they were in opposition to each other. His ability to calmly acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of the parties seemingly “at war” made me believe

that this is the type of person we need in leadership. I truly think that he can help synthesize the claims and concerns of everyone in our district ultimately yielding a district that is stronger than ever. The situation in the WWP area need not be an “us vs. them” scenario. Ultimately we all want the best for our children and the best for our community. Let’s open the lines of communication and practice the listening skills we preach to our children. Let’s not rush to judgment “we are right; you are wrong.” Let’s find the middle ground “we all have worth and worthy opinions.” We all have valid points to be considered. I am convinced that Martin is the right person to lead this community going forward. He is the voice of moderation; he is the voice of what is best for our schools and by default then, our children.

— Barbara Kalmus, West Windsor, CEO Princeton Education Network


As an educator and counselor to teenagers, I care deeply about the resources available to our young. The quality of their education and depth of support can have a dramatic effect on their future success.

Over the last two years, I’ve had many opportunities to talk with, and work alongside of, Martin Whitfield and I have witnessed his dedication to these principles. He is someone with unerring judgment and deep compassion. I have no doubt he will make a brilliant member of the Windsor-Plainsboro School District School Board.

— Brock Walsh
Counselor, College Match, Los Angeles


We are writing this letter in support of the team of Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield for WW-P Board of Education. We have known Dana for more than a decade through our kids’ activities and have interacted with Martin for many years through programs at the WAC. Dana has been one of the most present and involved parents that we have come across in our 11 years in West Windsor. Whether it be on the basketball courts, dance classes or advocating for the town library, Dana has made a meaningful impact, ensuring that our kids are provided with a diversity of opportunity to enrich their childhood experience and development.

It’s no secret that there is pressure in this community to narrow focus in order to achieve near term accolades. While that may support a short-term scorecard of success, the danger is that students may be ill-prepared for the diversity of challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. It is critical that we provide that diversity of experience to our students to best prepare them to excel over the long term.

Dana Krug has an established record of supporting programs that offer well-rounded experiences across cultural, social, athletic and academic programs. From youth baseball and basketball programs to involvement in school PTSA’s and advocating for the town library, Dana has worked tirelessly on behalf of our students and our community.

Similarly, Martin Whitfield has been a strong advocate for creating a “complete” community. He has championed a wide range of programs at the WAC including sports and fitness programs, The Princeton Art Academy and The Sino-US Cultural Center among others.

Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield are tireless advocates for creating a strong community that provides the foundation necessary for our students to achieve the excellence in long term performance and leadership that we all envision and strive for our children to achieve. The community would be well served by having Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield on the WW-P Board of Education.

— Tom and Reiko Yanagi, West Windsor


I am writing to enthusiastically support Dana Krug’s candidacy for school board re-election. I have known Dana as a mother (our children attended the same high school), a school board member (when I worked on the WWP Education Foundation), and as a friend (for seven years). I am supporting Dana’s re-election based on three areas: her experience and leadership on the School Board, her long record of community service, and her character.

Dana has the first-hand experience as a School Board Member and as a parent, to understand regulations, fiscal responsibilities and constraints, and other related parties’ involvement in managing school district (e.g., teacher’s union), as well as curriculum, instruction, and classroom experiences at various grade levels. Dana has worked collaboratively with administration and BOE colleagues and communities in the past 6 + years to strengthen our highly regarded school district. I vividly recall at this June’s graduation ceremony, the student speaker and the whole graduating class was excited to claim that they were graduating as No.1 high school in New Jersey, and beating high school south (as No.2). As parent of two children recently graduated from this school district, we applaud the school district’s achievements.

Dana has a long record on community service. With her volunteer leadership roles as President and Chair of the Friends of the West Windsor Library, Co-President of the Community Middle School PTSA, and Tournament Director of several baseball tournaments, she is well connected with the community at large. The extended knowledge and experience working with diverse entities gave Dana the tool kit required to be an effective negotiator and leader. Moreover, community service takes a lot of time and requires discipline to prioritize among other obligations or activities just for fun. As a friend, Dana has many times chosen her community service commitment over other fun activities I would like her to have joined me in, and that speaks volumes of her commitment to serve our community. Dana is fair, open-

minded, and campaigns on a platform to bring our diverse community together. Dana devotes time and energy to educate herself about the issues. She has reached out to me and many others on the wildly debated topics like such as A&E math, in order to gain an understanding of the experiences and challenges from all perspectives. With a diverse population in WW-P, agreeing on ways to achieve “best” is a daunting task. Dana does not make decisions without considering all aspects of the situation, and she is also not afraid to make decisions that can be perceived as not popular, in the context of serving the best interests of all the students in our district.

Dana’s running mate Martin Whitfield is well regarded in our community, via his role as general manager in West Windsor Athletic Club and Princeton-Windsor Cultural Complex. While speaking with Martin during meet and greet events, I am impressed with his skills, attitude, and results on community outreach and consensus building. Together, I trust Dana and Martin will work effectively with colleagues, public, and the administration to continue to provide the first-rate, well-rounded high achieving education all our students deserve.

— Esther Sun, West Windsor