I am writing in support of Hemant Marathe for West Windsor mayor. For the past 22 years I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Marathe. We first met because of friendships between our children, and got to know one another through various school functions. I have worked with Dr. Marathe on countless PTA events over the years, watched him participate in various community service activities and enjoyed seeing him coach many children for the WW-P Soccer Association.

In the many years that I have known Hemant, I have always found him to be fair-minded, hard-working and very thoughtful in his decision making. He is attentive and dedicated to doing what is right—truly a man of the highest integrity.

During the 12 years that Marathe held a position on the school board, I met with him many times. We discussed issues affecting our children’s education specifically, as well as ones related to the school

district as a whole. Hemant was always willing to listen to any viewpoint, was considerate when making decisions, and was always dedicated to an outcome that was right for the district.

As board president, Hemant was able to effectively communicate with the board, administration and community to work toward decisions that benefited WW-P. Hemant’s style was to ask difficult but essential questions, get input from those who were affected, and then make a decision in the best interest of the community. His approach worked time and time again, and is one that would benefit the residents of West Windsor.

During his two years on the council, Hemant has demonstrated that approach on every occasion, whether the other council members agreed with him or not. Hemant’s collaborative approach is needed in West Windsor mayor’s office.

Hemant Marathe and the other candidates on the “Standing up for West Windsor” slate care deeply about our community and will do what is right for the community. They will provide the positive change that West Windsor needs.

— Maureen O’Connor, West Windsor


Last week’s News included a letter from the Khanna/Epstein/Zhang ticket, supporting the hypothetical addition of 50,000 Amazon employees to West Windsor. This fever dream totally ignores longstanding voter preferences for the real estate status quo, and the realities of our local governance. Our town had a hard enough time grappling with a transit village.

Further into the paper we noted the ticket’s full-page ad, with their platform advocating “Preserve Open Space through Smart Land Use” and “Encourage Small Businesses.”

The cognitive dissonance is striking. If Khanna/Epstein/Zhang would accept 50,000 new workers under any circumstances, and at the same time promise to “Stop Unreasonably Burdensome Development,” how can we know what they would actually do if elected?

— Andrew Benkard, Princeton Junction


As a West Windsor resident, I look forward to voting for Hemant Marathe for mayor, and Linda Geevers and Virginia Manzari for council.

Why vote for them? Three criteria are important to me. I want those who make decisions in local government to be smart, practical and demonstrably committed to the best interests of our residents. Hemant, Linda and Virginia meet all three of those criteria.

The abilities and commitment of these candidates are public record. Long and successful years of steering the school district through tremendous growth more than qualify Hemant to take the helm at the township.

Linda’s reasoned and thoughtful approach to dealing with non-stop issues of mundane yet challenging township governance is unmistakable; her presence on council is a valuable asset worth preserving.

Virginia’s energy and sharp foresight in planning will be particularly helpful as the township faces new and critical decisions about development. Together they are an outstanding team.

— Kathy Bybee, West Windsor


I am writing to enthusiastically support the candidacy of Hemant Marathe for mayor of West Windsor and Linda Geevers and Virginia Manzari for township council. Land use will be the most important issue facing us in 2018 and beyond. All three of these candidates are highly experienced in this area.

In addition to his service on the zoning board, Hemant has been a member of council for the last several years and has been deeply involved with land use issues. Linda has served three terms on council including as president and vice president, plus membership on the planning board. Virginia is currently a member of the zoning board and serves on the site plan review advisory board, which prescreens all site plans before they can go to either the planning or zoning boards.

We need to have a council that is completely up to speed on all land use issues, including the Howard Hughes tract, affordable housing and other developments either already in the approval process or likely to be in the near future.

Hemant has already run a large governmental organization (the school board) and knows land use backwards and forwards. He fills the bill admirably.

— J. Thomas Boyer, West Windsor