We need our new mayor and his team to continue to make West Windsor even better. As a long term resident, who raised a family in West Windsor and is blessed to have a grandson in our school system, I need township leadership who will not be disingenuous and try to discount how much our town has improved over the years. The current Mayor has been working for smart development for years. Results are obvious on route 571, redevelopment of the Acme Center, new Rite Aid, planned improvements to Ellsworth Center, township infrastructure improvements, new parks and open space, new restaurants,

improved Senior Center, Arts Center, Farmers Market, etc. We have attracted many new businesses, including some company headquarters.

Kamal Khanna has been a loyal and respected partner (on WW Council and as it’s president) to the Mayor. His business knowledge, government experience and his knack for building alliances and bringing people together are reasons to vote for him and his team.

My thoughts on the Amazon second headquarters location choice: Soon after I heard Amazon’s announcement, I thought (as a fantasy): wouldn’t it be great if they selected the Howard Hughes property. Please note that I am not qualified to understand all the implications, so I am just an initial supporter. It seems as if everyone in town had a similar thought. At a recent council meeting, the mayor raised this as a position and all council members and candidates pledged to support the Amazon second Headquarters proposal.

We should be proud of West Windsor that we are able to come together and make a decent proposal to Amazon. Some reasons that we can highlight are our: triple A bond rating, successful diversity, gifted residents, police, fire and other support departments, the Farmers Market, the Senior center, the school system, the open spaces, attractiveness to raise families, etc. Even if we do not get the Amazon headquarters, we are well positioned to attract other business and commercial projects to this location.

However, I am also sharing what supporters of Kamal’s opponent are saying about our current Mayor and I guess trying to discredit Kamal Khanna and his team: On social media (Facebook) and at the West Windsor Council meetings, a small group of people have continuously denounced the current mayor and his initiates. One recent post on Facebook by Marshall Lerner is already trying to blame our current mayor if we do not get the Amazon’s second headquarters. He is also the same person who states that West Windsor is not business friendly. He continuously states that the Mayor’s redevelopment efforts have been a failure and waste of money. This group opposed the John Nash park and the microgrid solar proposal that had so many financial and practical benefits. I remember the group blaming the mayor for proposing the Canal Point road diet configuration. This negative attitude is never ending.

I want positive and talented people running our town. Please show your support by voting on November 7th for Kamal Khanna, Kristin Alyea Epstein and Yingchao Zhang.

— Andy Bromberg, West Windsor


I am writing this to express my family’s enthusiastic support for the team of Kamal Khanna for Mayor of West Windsor, and Kristin Epstein and YZ Zhang for town council. Kamal offers the opportunity to ensure that the great strides made by our current mayor, Shing-Fu Hsueh, to improve the quality of life in West Windsor continue, and are enhanced.

Kamal will build upon the foundation set over the previous many years. Despite the falsehoods and attacks, West Windsor has seen incredible positive improvement. Think of the senior center, the arts council, parks and playing fields, improved infrastructure, traffic lights and other traffic flow upgrades. Think of our AAA bond rating, which significantly reduces the costs of borrowing by the township.

Kamal offers a plan and vision to further create a better environment for all of us. With the support of Kristin and YZ, he can offer positive solutions to the major issues confronting us. Most importantly, his opposition to housing development on the Howard Hughes (formerly American Cyanamid) property. The need to positively engage with the property owners to come up with a suitable plan that will benefit the town and the investors. Also supporting methods to alleviate the problem of flooding in parts of the town, and providing additional resources for our volunteer organizations.

Elements of his opposition seems stuck on a confrontational track with regard to Howard Hughes Corp. This company has deep pockets and an unwillingness to compromise or even negotiate with them will invite serious legal challenges which will cost the township enormous sums to defend.

They seem to be fixated on this as the only issue that residents care about. Our experience with Toll Brothers offers proof that the New Jersey judiciary will support landowners over municipalities unless there are environmental or public safety problems.

Another mayoral candidate is smart, pleasant and thoughtful but has no government experience and limited administrative background. I would have preferred that she run for town council and build a record of service.

A vote for Kamal Khanna, Kristin Epstein and YZ Zhang will provide positive and progressive leadership for West Windsor in the years ahead.

— Anthony DeCarlo, West Windsor


I feel privileged to write this in support of Kristin Epstein. I have been a resident of West Windsor since 1987. I have known Kristin, as well as her husband, John, as they moved into West Windsor in 2004. John is my partner at the Princeton Eye Group.

They have embedded their home and family into the fabric of West Windsor and the surrounding communities. Kristin has become active with many aspects of West Windsor that only a few residents have not heard of her. Asking around, Kristin is known to be a hard worker and universally loved. Although she is honest, everyone looks to her for guidance and advice because she wants to help. It all pays off because she gets things done, she sees the “big picture”.

The challenge and uniqueness of West Windsor is well suited with her talents and it would be a shame if we did not take this opportunity to take advantage of all Kristin has to offer. Kristin is the best candidate for West Windsor Township Council.

— Richard H. Wong, West Windsor


I am writing to voice my support for Kristin Epstein for West Windsor Township Council. I got to know Kristin when she was the executive director at YingHua International School. I was impressed that in addition to helping the school to succeed and grow, she always found time to be active in various community-building and public service activities.

Kristin moved to West Windsor 13 years ago for the same reasons many of us did—the schools, the open space and access to the big cities as well as many outdoor activities, among other reasons. She is running for township council to retain these features and continue to improve our quality of life in West Windsor.

Her vision for our township is to make it even more livable and enjoyable for the families residing here; for example, encouraging small, local businesses (like an affordable grocery store, ice cream shops) to fill vacant retail spaces and increasing West Windsor destinations that are walkable or bikeable (schools, parks, shops, train station, etc.).

I am happy that Kristin is willing to give her time and energy in service to our wonderful township, and I know that she is someone who can get things done with integrity and intelligence and in a fair and thoughtful manner.

Her teammates, Kamal Khanna and YZ Zhang, are equally passionate about improving the quality of life of West Windsor residents. They will make a good team for West Windsor.

— Jennifer Schaffel, West Windsor


I am writing to you in giving my support and endorsement to a friend of mine, Dr. Yingchao “YZ” Zhang, a West Windsor resident for 17 years, for his candidacy for West Windsor Township Council. Dr. Zhang currently serves as a member of the Board of Education (BOE) of WW-P School District.

I have known Dr. Zhang, “YZ,” for over five years. He is an intelligent, open minded, trustworthy individual and a man with a big heart. In all his doing, he exemplifies his passion, dedication and commitment to help others. I admire YZ for his selfless volunteer work that he has been doing for the community. He is not only a community servant, but a truly enthusiastic leader with vision. His honest,

pragmatic, and optimistic insight into our community’s issues and needs is invaluable to us as a councilman of our township.

Dr. Zhang is a technology entrepreneur with 16 years of sales experience in IT solution to Fortune 500 companies. He always has a busy schedule that involves a fair amount of travel because of the nature of his work. However, that does not stop him from serving on the BOE with his full attention and commitment. He rarely missed any BOE’s meetings, which normally occur three weekday evenings in a month.

There is a saying, “if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” YZ can get things done in a timely manner no matter how busy he is because he is disciplined, dedicated and committed. I firmly believe YZ will get a lot done as a councilman of our township for our community.

Before he became a member of the BOE, he was already heavily involved in our community. He is always there to help, contribute and lead as necessary. Years ago, High School North had a piloted program for biology and honors biology. Both students and parents were extremely frustrated about the way the program was implemented. Dr. YZ voluntarily took on the role of mediator between the school district and parents / students. He spent many nights and weekends listening and talking to students, parents and district administration. Due to his tireless mediation, the issue got resolved to the satisfaction of most community members involved. This is just one of many examples of the efforts that YZ makes to help the community.

Even though he holds a Ph.D. in physics, YZ is not a “nerd” by any means. He is a self-taught musician and is known as the Dr. YZ’s One Man Band. He believes music learning supports all learning. He has performed at many local community events and for kids in our elementary schools since 2005. Most recently, he performed in my neighborhood’s block party, even with very short notice. His music brought many community members, young and old, to sing along and have fun.

Performing music is just one of the many volunteering work YZ does. He always answers any calls for help in the community. Last winter, he led the effort with others to form a group of about 50 volunteers to search and find a missing young woman. The potential tragedy was avoided thanks to the volunteers’ grassroots efforts.

Dr. Zhang not only spends his precious time on volunteering work, he also generously gives his financial support to charities. He has contributed to twin orphan boys in Haiti to support their education over the years. He has been a key supporter to United Moms Charity Association, a nonprofit charity organization that supports underprivileged children in rural parts of the world with near zero overhead.

In the past several years, while forming a good friendship with YZ, I acquired more and more respect and admiration for his generosity, intelligence, and dedication to public services and other good causes. I highly support his campaign without any reservation.

— Billy Huang, West Windsor