I am writing this letter to let everybody know that finally we were able to get Mock Trials back in High School South. I have been working with a group of students that played a crucial role in letting me know what the student body at South wanted.

Jordon DeGroote has also played an incredible part in guiding me through this process. I was a little frustrated when the administration sent me an email stating that there was “no stipend” for a teacher advisor. By the way, a stipend can be between $2,000 to $3,000 so it is not a significant amount of money.

My husband went the long route, getting his substitute teacher’s certificate. He paid out of his own pocket. He really wants to give the students at South this amazing opportunity and teach them how true trials work. Last night, he was approved at the board of education meeting as a volunteer with no pay.

At the meeting there were six South students that spoke in a very eloquent and articulate manner. I have to thank Tommy C. for being so helpful in this process. While listening to the students speak, I was very proud and I felt that all this fight was worthy it.

These students are amazing. The way they think, the way that want to be part of a team, the way that want to show and prove themselves how good they are. I am very, very proud of them.

In addition, you are getting a coach that loves to win! Let the fun begin!

— Veronica Mehno
Mehno is a candidate running for a West Windsor seat on the school board.