DeSimone Orthodontics played Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s Realty on Saturday.
Picture in the center fighting for the ball, are Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s Victor Polverejan (left) and DeSimone Orthodontics’s Robert Taylor (right).

The following game recaps were submitted by the Hopewell Valley Soccer Association coaches. The games were held Saturday, Sept. 30 and Sunday, Oct. 1.

Division Three Girls

Dr. McDonough’s Live Wires defeated Jack’s Greenhouse & Nursery 7-3 on Saturday. The Live Wires opened up the scoring with a goal by Katie Clarke, assisted by Sierra Mitchell. Kyla Machinga scored next for the Live Wires. Jaelyn Krin then made a pass to Katie, who was able to take a shot and get it past Jack’s goalie to bring the score up to 3-1. To finish off the scoring for the first half, goalie Natalie Kasprzyk fed a pass to Katie who scored her third goal. The second half saw Katie scoring yet again, thanks to another excellent pass from Sierra. Sierra then went on to score a goal of her own. Jack’s got a shot by goalie Mariel Haynes, but Natalie was able to score, aided by an awesome pass from Chelsea Kent. Good defensive work throughout the game was provided by Zoe Zeng, Olivia Friedrich and Makenzie Scherbekow.

Dr. McDonough’s Live Wires defeated Pixie Salon 3-2 the next day. Kyla Machinga put the Live Wires on the scoreboard first, accepting a pass from Natalie Kasprzyk and firing the ball into the net. Chelsea Kent and her defense kept the Pixies from scoring in the first half. Chelsea, now at forward, scored the first goal of the second half, aided by Katie Clarke. Kyla Machinga had an unassisted goal.

Union Line Garage Firecrackers tied Pixie Salon on Saturday, 3-3. The match opened with Union Line Garage’s Amanda Flanders scoring a hat trick within the first ten minutes, two being assisted by Emilie Sawicki. The game settled down, with Pixie Salon scoring before the end of the half. The midfield for Union Line Garage was led by Lilla Antal, Kate Coyer, and Lucy Antal, the defensive unit was Reena Fielding, Piper Brant and Shreya Mookherjee, and keepers were Lily Ryan and A. Flanders.

The Purple Pixie Salons tied Union Line Garage team this Saturday. The Purple Pixie girls found themselves down 0- 3 very quickly in the first half, but Beth Hooks showed her skills with a late minute score in the first half to give the Pixies new found hope. Rylind Pasquito battled for a ball in the midfield that led to Megan Macdonald pushing the ball in for a score and now the Pixies were only down by one with 10 minutes to go in the game. Ayla Mauk stepped up to the penalty spot and calmly scored the tying goal of the game.

Division Three Boys

On Saturday, DeSimone Orthodontics held on to defeat Callaway/Henderson by a score of 3-1. Scoring two goals was Jeffrey Blake, while Tommy Irvine also got on the scoreboard. As we are accustomed to seeing, there was outstanding goalie play by Paul Warznak and reliable defense throughout the game by Shane Spencer, Robert Taylor, Adam Rise and Aaron Nulman. Controlling the midfield consistently was Teddy Franzino, Joshua Kohlhepp, and Tommy Irvine.

On Sunday, DeSimone Orthodontics came out of the gate strong, built a comfortable first-half lead, and defeated Ewing 1 5-2. The scoring was led by Noah Pashman, Joshua Kohlhepp, Tommy Irvine and Aaron Nulman. There was consistent offensive and defensive play by Connor Batcha, Jackson Blake, Adam Rise and Robert Taylor, and significant midfield support by Paul Warznak, Teddy Franzino, Shane Spencer and Jeffrey Blake.

Division Two Girls

Stark and Stark “Bobs” ended September with a win but started October with a loss.  The girls played played to a 2-0 victory over Nectars on Saturday with goals by Sydney Young and Reagan Silvestri. Sunday found the Bobs down against the Blackbirds, loosing 8-1 with Sidney Young scoring the lone goal to prevents shutout.

Division Two Boys

Team Modells stepped up their game on Saturday against HVSA (aka Wolves) on Saturday with a 3-0 win. Joshua Rheinhardt and Joseph Troiano did stellar jobs as goalie. Brady DeCore, Allen Ye, Jackson Ruf and Anthony Rinaldi were key players in offensive line assisting in our many drives to goal. Defensive line was run by Brett Sirolly, Logan Turnbull, Roman Scaturro and Chance Hutnik driving away many of the attempts toward goal.  oshua Rheinhardt scored two goals in the third quarter and Joseph Troiano scored one in the fourth. Modells player of the game goes to Brady DeCore, who brought his speed and worked the entire field helping bring the ball to the goal and shutting down our opponents drives.

Modells faced off against JV Trophies on Sunday with another fantastic team effort, winning 4-2. Joseph Troiano, Joshua Rheinhardt, Brady DeCore, and Allen Ye ran the offensive drive in this excited matchup. Defensive line was run by Logan Turnbull, Roman Scaturro, Jackson Ruf, Ryan Batcha, Change Hutnik and Anthony Rinaldi. Josh Rheinhardt scored his first goal in the second quarter, Allen Ye scored two goals in the third quarter, followed by a second goal by Josh in the fourth quarter. Modells player of the game goes to Allen Ye, who lead many turn arounds with the ball assisting with drives and scoring two goals of his own.

On Sunday, Kuppek Landscaping Team tied Carnegie Cat Clinic 2-2. The game started with a goal in the first quarter by Aiden Luciano. James Todd scored the second goal. In the fourth quarter, Carnegie tied the game 2-2 with just a few minutes of game time left.

On Saturday, Capital Health fell 2-1 in a close game vs. Wilson Apple Funeral Home. Erik Petrin scored the Capitals lone goal on a break-away, with support from Trevor LiVecchi and Chris Miliaresis. James Gervasoni turned in a strong defensive performance, while Abram Wojciechowicz made some spectacular saves in goal. On Sunday, Capital Health beat a spirited Burwoods Landscapes 4-2. LiVecchi scored first for the Capitals, again combining with Petrin and Miliaresis on the play. Petrin, Miliaresis and Wojciechowicz each scored on separate break-away plays. Cooper Wiley covered the field, perfecting his throw-in technique, while John Grgurich provided strong man-to-man coverage during set plays.

On Saturday Burdwood’s Landscape and Patio Design lost to Carnegie Cat Clinic, 4-1. Good defensive plays were made by Juan Geller, Christopher Mackin and Adhithya Siva. Solid goaltending by Stephen Bilobran and Tyler Ananian kept Burdwood’s in the game. Eli Angarone was a powerful force in the midfield and on offense. Dylan Hersh scored the lone goal for Burdwood’s with an assist from Vincent Matticoli.

Burdwood’s Landscape and Patio Design lost Capital Health on Sunday, 4-2. Tyler Ananian was a fierce goaltender making multiple saves and even getting an assist on Vincent Matticoli’s first quarter goal. Christopher Mackin, Matthew Sarni and Eddie Besant played strong on defense. Gavin Gola, Ryan Fornal and Dylan Hersh and had multiple scoring opportunities as they hustled on offense. With an assist from Dylan Somma, Ryan Fornal scored in the last quarter to put one more on the board for Burdwood’s.

Team Stelitano had an evenly matched game against J&V Trophies on Saturday, which ended in a tie. Christopher Robotti of Team Stelitano showed his determination throughout the game by rarely giving his opponent an oportunity with the ball. Team Stelitano’s goal scorer was Seamus Manning.

J&V Trophies team tied Stellitano Team on Saturday, 1-1. Luke Rodefeld scored the first and only goal for J&V Trophies. Luke scored from a great pass from Adam Russell. Jack Farrington, Louis Nami, Skyler Hulsizer and Aidan Chow played really hard on defense but Stellitano striker Seamus Manning was able to score and tied up the game for a final score 1-1. J&V Trophies lost to Modells Team on Sunday, 4-2. There was a great saved ball by the J&V Trophies goalie, Gavin Seibold. Landon Pagnotta scored the first goal. Adam Russell scored one more goal, and Luke Rodefeld had many shots to goal on top of helping J&V Trophies defense led by Mateo Franco-Valverde, on trying to block the constant attacks from Modells team. Joshua Ballek and Mark Fereshteh never gave up and both were attacking constantly to Modells.

On Saturday, Carnegie Cat Clinic beat Burwood Landscapes 4-1. The first two goals came from Drew Kohlhepp who was dominant in center midfield, the third from Kuba Kolasi who tormented the defence, and the fourth from Lucien Gharagozloo in a short spell up front. Burwood never gave up and managed to pull one back late in the game. On Sunday, Carnegie Cat Clinic tied Kuppek Landscaping 2-2. Drew Kohlhepp scored on a penalty kick. Lucien Gharagozloo scored the second goal.