In every edition of the Ewing Observer, Mayor Bert Steinmann answers readers’ questions.

What is going on with traffic patterns on Parkway Avenue? This latest change between Olden Avenue and Lower Ferry Road is going to be a disaster. I live on Saratoga Avenue, right across from Ewing High School.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get out of my street with two lanes of school traffic and DOT traffic at peak hours.

Now they made it one lane right at my street, so the line is going to be twice as long when trying to make a left out of my street.  Also you now have to wait three times longer to make a left onto Lower Ferry Road going south on Parkway Avenue Making these changes will only create bottlenecks all along this portion of Parkway. Can you please consider going back to four lanes between Olden Avenue and Scotch Road?
–Laverne Burns

Mercer County has recently changed some of the striping in front of the high school to help with the traffic flow.  They have also adjusted the timing on the traffic light at Parkway and Farrell avenues.The adjustments were made after feedback from the public and meetings with the police and the Ewing Board of Education. The area will be monitored by the county engineer for any further adjustment. The intent of the new striping on Parkway, Parkside and Olden is to slow the traffic down so residents and those that visit the businesses can get out onto the roads and into the driveway entrances.

Would it be possible to have the parking situation looked at on the corner of New Hillcrest Avenue and Prospect Street?  Cars often park within 10 feet of the intersection on both sides of New Hillcrest making it almost impossible to make a right hand turn off of Prospect when someone is waiting to enter Prospect Street from New Hillcrest.
–Ed Hutchinson

I have asked our police chief to have our police officers check on your complaint while they make their rounds.  Any vehicle is required to stay 50 feet from a stop signed intersection. If you see a vehicle in possible violation you can call the police and ask them to check. The non-emergency number is 609-882-1313.

Every time Ewing has a snow storm, I see countless homes, businesses and apartment complexes whose sidewalks are unshoveled, sometimes for weeks until the snow finally melts. Pedestrians are forced to walk in the streets with traffic. My own daughter was almost struck by a car on Pennington Road due to a homeowners uncleaned sidewalk. I find it surprising that Ewing Township would turn down potential revenue and turn a blind eye on a serious safety hazard.
–Jonathan Scheid

All sidewalks are required to be clear of snow 24 hours after the last snow falls.  We have issued tickets to the property owners when we are made aware of the sidewalks in question.  You can call my office or code enforcement to inform us and we will contact the property owner.

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