I am pleased to write this letter of support for Peter Syrek for Board of Education in Plainsboro. Over the past few years, I have gotten to know Peter as a fellow community member, public school parent and taxpayer. He has been a fixture at WW-P Board of Education meetings during this time and we have had many discussions on school issues.

In speaking with him, it quickly becomes clear that Peter has a keen ability to engage those with different perspectives or ideas in a respectful and constructive manner which brings people together. He works hard to understand all aspects of an issue, listening and asking informed questions, when needed.

His background as a former college athlete and accomplished musician demonstrates Peter’s appreciation for the important role that physical fitness and the arts play in a well-rounded education. As a taxpayer and parent of a middle schooler, he is eager to help ensure resources entrusted to the board are maximized to allow every student the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

—Martha Luszcz, Plainsboro


I urge the residents of West Windsor to support Rakesh Kak for the school board. I have known Rakesh and his family for more than 12 years. He has always been involved with volunteering in the community—from fundraising for WW-P Education Foundation and Homefront to helping during the senior proms and serving as the president of the homeowner’s association of Le Parc I. In each and every capacity, he has demonstrated an approach that is detailed and always with the goal of achieving and enhancing the common good.

Rakesh is very familiar with our school district from kindergarten through high school. His son graduated from High School South and his daughter is in our school district. I know he is deeply committed to keep the high standards that West Windsor-Plainsboro school district is known for. We have often talked about our childrens’ education and the various resources that our school district offers, and I am impressed by his awareness of the issues related to the schools.

In Rakesh Kak, you have a candidate who is very familiar with our district and has volunteered in most aspects of our community. He is the ideal candidate with a thoughtful and a detail-oriented approach to solving problems facing our schools and the right one to plan and encourage new ideas to help our children.

Rakesh graduated from the prestigious IIT in India as an engineer and subsequently completed his MBA from Columbia University in New York. His experience as an investment banker, helping entrepreneurs and small businesses, together with his strong work ethics and a community service mindset will greatly enhance our school board.

—Ashish Shah, West Windsor


As the mothers of five young children in West Windsor, Veronica Mehno and Helen Ming have worked tirelessly to ensure that all the children of our community receive the best education possible. They both regularly volunteer in the schools, supporting book fairs, field days, international fairs and other events. Helen is a long-term member of the Maurice Hawk PTA and has recently served as its vice president for advocacy. Both women regularly attend board of education meetings.

Now Helen and Veronica are running for seats on the WW-P Soard of Education so that they can continue to ensure the high quality and cost-effective education for which WW-P is known.

In addition to their energy and dedication, both women have strong financial analysis backgrounds. Helen has an MA in public affairs from Princeton University and has eight years’ experience working for financial services firms, including JPMorgan and Bank of America. Veronica is a former trader with an MBA in finance from Boston University.
Finally, they are extremely knowledgeable about the issues confronting the school district. They are thoughtful, concerned and engaged, and strive to ensure that the schools meet the needs of all of our students.

—Deborah Marinsky, West Windsor


I am writing to share with my West Windsor neighbors why I strongly support Dana Krug and Martin Whitfield for the West Windsor-Plainsboro Board of Education.

I have known Dana for many years, as a baseball mom, as a PTSA leader and as a respected member of our board of wducation. Dana is unerringly fair-minded, deliberative, and respectful of all, including those with whom she may disagree.

Dana takes her responsibilities seriously, reflects on all decisions before the board, considers all perspectives and then votes what she knows is in the best interest of students, teachers, parents and taxpayers in the district. Especially in the current climate, these are essential traits for a successful school board member.

Dana is thoughtful, professional and kind. She always has in mind what will work best for our kids and for the fiscal responsibility with which she is entrusted.

Dana’s running mate, Martin Whitfield, also shares our dedication to the education of all children in the district, working productively together with colleagues, the public and the administration to continue to provide the first-rate, well-rounded, high achieving (yet with balance in mind) educational experience our students deserve.

—Michele Demak Epstein, Plainsboro


I have known Veronica Mehno for a while now. From the very first day that we met, she was very passionate about school issues. I had recently moved from Florida to West Windsor-Plainsboro and she was always there helping me with school issues.

Veronica and I became friends and in a very short period of time our families became friends as well. We would come over on a Saturday or Sunday and while the children would be swimming in the pool we would talk about school issues. Her dedication towards the school, attending board of education meetings every other Tuesday even with young kids, her willingness to understand different solutions to one problem is admirable. Her unique background in finance and as an award winning business owner makes her a perfect fit to challenge the administration regarding the school budget as she knows how to maximize our hard earned tax dollars.

Veronica’s knowledge and enthusiasm makes her a great board of education candidate for this school district. She truly cares about all students, not only what is best for her children, but for all children of WWP.

—Carmen Alonso, West Windsor


Like every other resident of this city, my family settled down here with a dream of getting the best education for my boys. Our schools are already giving our kids the best but to keep the best going and also to keep improving our education policies and curriculum we need a dedicated leadership.

Veronica Mehno my dear friend and dedicated parent has a beautiful vision for the future of our schools and betterment of our kids’ education. So I Highly recommend Veronica Mehno as a candidate for Board of Education.

I have had the pleasure of being a good friend of Mrs. Mehno and have seen personally her dedication and interest in education policies. She eagerly takes up extra responsibilities, volunteers in school activities, actively follows the BOE meetings and expresses her opinion regarding the policies and curriculum which always involves the best for the future of our kids. She is driven, responsible and a friendly person who develops inspiring relationships with all families.

Mrs Mehno embraces every opportunity she gets to work towards the development of the schools and community. She has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages especially kids. Her ability to understand the innocent and equally exploring minds of our children is commendable. She has excellent written and verbal skills. She, as an entrepreneur herself, understands the value of money, time and resources and I as a friend believe that she is a good listener so if any parent has concerns or a difference of opinion she cooperates and is open for a positive discussion.

She takes initiative and is always with a positive attitude. I am sure that our schools will benefit a lot in her leadership. Hope you all will embrace her and help her help us and our schools.

—Prasanna Lakshmi Puvvada, West Windsor