Police broke up two college parties and charged one man with urinating in public on Sept. 4.

Officers were sent to a home on Broad Avenue to investigate a report of a loud house party taking place at 5:39 p.m. Police estimated that there were about 200 people running around the area. They were yelling, screaming and going through neighbors’ yards.
The officers found a three-foot-high speaker in the rear of the yard playing very loud music, and the area was littered with red cups, beer cans and bottles.

Police said that during the investigation, one of the officers observed Michael Candiano, a 21-year-old student at The College of New Jersey, urinating in the street. When the officer yelled to him, Candiano began to run away. The officer gave chase and apprehended him trying to get into a house, police said.

The renters of the house where the party was taking place stated they all attended TCNJ. The party was ended and the renters were issued summonses for violating the township’s noise ordinance violations. Candiano was issued a violation for urinating in public and also cited for obstructing the administration of law, police said.

Later that evening, at 11:34 p.m., police were sent to investigate a loud house party at a home on Pennsylvania Avenue. The officers arrived to find a large group of people gathering around the house, which was being rented by a group of Rider University students. The party was shut down and the renters were issued township noise ordinance violations.

Burglary arrest. Michael Thomas, 33, of Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, was arrested on a burglary charge Sept. 15. Police said a resident of Concord Circle observed Thomas exiting a house across the street and knew that the homeowner was not home and called police. Units arrived and stopped Thomas near the intersection of Concord and Pingree Avenue. Other units went to the house to investigate and found a rear door was forced open. Inside, they found blood droplets on the kitchen counter.

According to police, Thomas had fresh cuts on his hands. Investigation revealed that Thomas took a prescription pill bottle containing some medication, a can of soda, clothes and a belt from the house, police said. In addition, Thomas was wearing the victim’s shorts, police said.

He was also charged with criminal mischief and possession of prescription drugs for unlawful purpose and sent to the Mercer County Adult Correctional Center.

Drug arrest

Terrance Grissom, 21, of Trenton, and Tyler Julious, 21, of Ewing, were arrested on Sept. 3 for possession of suspected marijuana, police said. The two were stopped on Dorset Drive for a motor vehicle violation.


A customer at Rite Aid on Olden Avenue was the victim of a robbery on Sept. 17 at 7:20 p.m. Police said the victim was leaving the store when she was approached by a man who demanded the money she had just received from the cashier. The victim said he couldn’t have the money so the victim grabbed her keys, which were in the victim’s hand and tried to take them. The victim resisted, which caused her wallet to fall to the ground.
The suspect grabbed the wallet, stole two dollars from it and then fled on foot down Olden Ave towards Trenton. The suspect is described as a 6’1” male wearing a black tee shirt with stripes, black shorts, grey and tan sneakers and a red baseball cap.

A customer at Shop Rite on Olden Avenue was the victim of a theft on Sept. 3. Police said someone stole the victim’s wallet, which she had accidentally left behind in a shopping cart. She was later notified by her bank that someone was making fraudulent purchases.

A customer of Dollar Tree on Olden Avenue was the victim of a wallet theft on Sept. 5. The wallet was taken at about 4:20 p.m. while the victim was shopping.

A cellular phone was stolen from a customer of Dollar Tree on Sept. 10. The theft occurred at about 12:09 p.m. while the victim was shopping in the store.

Someone shoplifted tools valued at $300 from Home Depot on Olden Avenue on Sept. 5. The thief stole the items at about 11:53 a.m. and fled the store.

Foot Locker on Olden Avenue was the victim of a theft at 3:28 p.m. on Sept. 5. Police said two men entered the store and stole numerous items of merchandise while store employees were busy with other customers.

A Latona Avenue resident was the victim of a bike theft on Sept. 13. Someone stole a bicycle from the victim’s unlocked garage.

Fake firearm arrest

A 17-year-old male was charged with possession of an imitation firearm on Sept. 3. Police said that the arrested teen was a passenger in a car with four other males that was stopped at Lower Ferry Road and Fireside Avenue based on a report that someone inside the car had pointed a handgun at another car. The suspect was found to be in possession of an Airsoft Pistol and admitted to shooting at another vehicle, police said.

Shoplifting arrests

Patrik Gabryc, 46, of Trenton, was arrested for shoplifting on Sept. 5. Police said Gabryc stole $39.99 worth of merchandise from Foreman Mills on Olden Avenue at 7:31 p.m.

Kevin Tyson-Lynch, 27, of Trenton, was arrested Sept. 16 on a shoplifting charge. Police said that Tyson-Lynch attempted to steal merchandise valued at $24.98 from Shop Rite on Olden Avenue.


East Sushi at 43 Scotch Road was the victim of criminal mischief on Sept. 5. Police said someone broke a front window to the business sometime overnight.

A car parked on Sussex Street was vandalized on Sept. 10. Someone broke a side window on the car, police said.

Someone slashed all four tires on a car owned by a Dunmore Avenue resident overnight Sept. 12 or 13.

Two cars on Olden Avenue were vandalized late sometime overnight Sept. 15 or 16. Police said the passenger side window was broken on one car, and the rear window was broken on the second.

A resident of Bull Run Road was the victim of auto vandalism on Sept. 16. Someone entered the victim’s unlocked car and damaged the ignition.

Copper theft arrest

Matthew Brecko, 33, of Ewing, was arrested on a theft charge on Sept. 6. According to authorities, CSX Railroad Police had been investigating a series of copper wire thefts occurring on the West Trenton rail line.

Ewing police said they helped identify Brecko as a suspect after reviewing photographs provided by CSX Police. Brecko was arrested and sent to the Mercer County Adult Corrections Center pending a bail hearing.


A Clermont Avenue resident was the victim of a burglary at 1:55 p.m. on Sept. 7. Police said someone entered the house and stole copper piping from the basement.

A Birmingham Court resident’s house was burglarized on Sept. 8. Someone entered the residence at about 4:30 p.m. and stole video games and controllers.

A Robbins Avenue home was broken-into on Sept. 12. Someone forced entry into the residence but nothing was reported stolen.

Auto theft arrest/eluding

Samuel Portis Jr., 20, of Ewing, was arrested Sept. 11 on auto theft and eluding police charges. Police said they attempted to stop a vehicle that had been reported stolen out of Hamilton, at Home Depot on Olden Avenue.

The car sped away and police followed until the car crashed on Fifth Street and the occupants fled the vehicle. Portis was revealed as a suspect after investigation, police said. An arrest warrant was issued, and officers arrested Portis at his home. He was processed and sent to the Mercer County Jail.

Auto thefts

A customer at Auto Zone on Olden Avenue had his car stolen at 3:19 p.m. on Sept. 7. The victim left his vehicle unattended and running while he went into the store to shop. When he returned outside, the car had been taken.

The intersection of Concord and Radnor avenues was the scene of a robbery and auto theft at 12:41 a.m. on Sept. 12. Police said the victim reported that he was approached by three males who asked for his money. When he told him that he did not have any, they began to assault him. The suspects then jumped into the victim’s car and drove away.

A 2013 Kia was stolen from a Maple Avenue resident. The theft occurred sometime in the morning of Sept. 13.