The Plainsboro Police Department has announced a community partnership with Romeo’s Restaurant under which school-aged children will be rewarded with “tickets” for wearing helmets while riding their bicycles.

The tickets are actually vouchers redeemable for a free slice of pizza when officers observe the children wearing a safety helmet while riding their bicycle, skateboard or roller blades. The program will run through Saturday, Sept. 30.

Patrol officer Arthur Gant said the program is a way for police to reward the kids for wearing bike helmets. He said the officers also can use a friendly teaching moment for youngsters who aren’t practicing safe biking habits.


Drug arrests. Christian A. Mendez-Lopez, 22, of Trenton, was arrested Sept. 5 on a drug possession charge. Police said that they stopped Mendez-Lopez, who was driving a 2005 Infinity G35, on Plainsboro Road for a maintenance of lamps violation. Police said investigation revealed that he was driving with a suspended license and was in possession of marijuana.

Immanuel Desane, 18, of Hamilton Township, was arrested on a drug possession charge on Sept. 4. Police said that Desane, who was driving a blue Hyundai, was stopped on Route 1 for a broken headlight and found to be in possession of under 50 grams of marijuana. He was also charged with possession of a controlled substance in a motor vehicle.

West Windsor

Fraud. A West Windsor resident was the victim of credit card fraud at Trader Joe’s on July 21. Police said that the victim was shopping with her husband and realized at checkout that someone had taken her wallet. When cancelling her credit cards, she discovered that someone had made $2,000 in charges.

Auto burglary. A resident of Avalon Watch was the victim of an auto burglary on July 23 or 24. Police said the victim left his doors unlocked, and someone ransacked the car while it was left unattended. Stolen was a bottle of Calvin Klein cologne.

Fake name given. Steven Vega, 23, of Millville, was arrested on July 30 after allegedly giving a fake name to police. Police said that Vega was stopped on Route 1 at Carnegie Center Boulevard for speeding and gave the officer “Luis Vega” as his name. He also stated that he had lost his wallet and had no identification. Investigation revealed his true identity, and that he was wanted on a $289 warrant out of Bridgeport, police said. He was charged with false swearing and then sent to the Mercer County Jail.

Shoplifting arrests. Bryana A. Johnson, 22, of Trenton, was arrested July 31 on a shoplifting charge at Target in Nassau Park. Police said that a store asset protection officer caught Johnson leaving the store with $89.33 worth of cosmetics that she had not paid for.

Alberto F. Hernandez, 60, of Trenton, was charged with shoplifting on Aug. 3. Police said that Hernandez was caught by a store employee at Wal Mart at Nassau Park attempting to steal multiple packs of men’s underwear valued at $142.23. He was turned over to police and also charged with trespassing, because he had been banned from the store due to past shoplifting, police said.

Vanessa A. Reed, 48, of Trenton, was charged with shoplifting at Wegmans in Nassau Park, police said. A store asset protection officer observed Reed concealing Dove brand toiletries and two bottles of Grey Goose vodka in a backpack, police said. She then allegedly went to the checkout and paid for a case of water and bananas but not the items in her backpack and then left the store. She was apprehended by the store employee and turned over to police.