After considering the comments made at a previous West Windsor Council meeting, I am compelled to respond. The statements by council persons Hemant Marathe and Linda Geevers appear to be aligned with certain national politicians who deny the facts of climate change and technologies that do not hurt the environment.

In addition, they are also fiscally irresponsible in that the proposal presented included zero dollars for installation expenditures by the township, as well as reduced costs for the operation of the municipal buildings that were proposed to be connected.

As a resident who has installed solar panels on my own home, I do not understand the rationale presented by the deniers. My own costs for electricity are greatly reduced and I have acted as a good citizen in contributing to a less polluted environment.

Just imagine if communities and individuals all over the state of New Jersey joined other 21st Century thinkers who know that science is factual, climate change is not fake news, and taxpayers can see real cost savings put into practice!

What rationale exists for their votes other than being opposed to anything the mayor presents? Enough is enough! It is time to vote for facts and what is in the best interests of the community, not partisan political nonsense.

— Richard A. Kaye
West Windsor