On July 15, 2017, Dutch Neck Presbyterian Church hosted a pot luck dinner and movie night showing a film entitled The Other Son. It was about a Palestinian and Israeli family, each of whom was blessed with the birth of a son born on the same day, in the same hospital.

The babies were switched at the hospital, but the error was not discovered until the young men turned 18 years of age. The emotion and turmoil experienced by both families and their sons was magnified by the political realities of the world today.

Given the subject matter, Dutch Neck Church had also invited our friends from both the Islamic Studies Center in West Windsor and Temple Beth Chaim to join us. We were very pleased to have a little more than 70 people in attendance, even though it was already in the midst of summer.

The evening was a great success as the food was wonderful, the film was excellent and the conversation was lively. Also, there is nothing like “breaking bread together” to establish new friendships.

We looked at the scene taking place in our fellowship hall and were happy to see Christian, Muslims and Jews enjoying this time of fellowship. It’s the way things should be.

— Florence Emery Cohen