With all the frantic and band aid proposals being suggested to relieve congestion on Route 1, I have to ask this question.

Why is the light at Carnegie Center Boulevard still there? That light was supposed to have been removed as soon as the Alexander Road and Meadow Road overpasses were completed. That is over 20 years ago.

Yes it does offer a formidable focal point to those approaching Carnegie Center, but it does nothing to improve the flow of traffic on Route 1. Quite the contrary. If one observes the traffic approaching Route 1 from either side one soon realizes that over 80 percent of the traffic is turning left onto Route 1.

Left turns from Carnegie Center Boulevard could just as easily be made from Alexander or Meadow roads since there is nothing in either direction, approachable on Route 1, between Carnegie Center Boulevard and those two roads.

What about those few that do in fact cross Route 1? If we assume that that traffic is originating from and going to the half way point either side of Carnegie Center Boulevard there is no loss if that traffic uses Alexander or Meadow roads. Why are we holding up hundreds, causing a traffic jam, and wasting time and fuel for the laziness of a few?

Just think about it the next time you are waiting on Route 1 at the Carnegie Center Boulevard light for a car to turn left onto Route 1 and then you follow them past Alexander or Meadow Road.

Our planning board saw the lack of need for this light years ago. Why can’t we see it now?

The light should be removed; center divider could be completed, right turns from Route 1 on to Carnegie Center Boulevard and right turns from Carnegie Center Boulevard onto Route 1 remain in effect.

I would go one step further and suggest that a new exit and new bridge parallel to the existing bridge off Route 1 could be constructed on to I-95 south. I suggest this be done as a completely new construction, as opposed to modifying the current bridge and traffic lanes. Completion of such an exit would greatly relieve the congestion now backing up on Route 1 southbound nightly without impacting the current traffic flow.

— Howard Eldridge
West Windsor