Photography by Ewing’s Anne Gale is on display at town hall through September.

Exotic locations, beautiful bridges, charming flowers and unique doorways will be on display at the Ewing Municipal Building this month. Ewing’s Anne Gale is the Ewing Art Commission and Art Has No Boundaries featured of the month.

“You are immersed in a new place and culture, or you see an image from a different perspective in Ms. Gale’s work,” Lauren Weber, Ewing Art Commission member, said. “She truly has an artistic eye for the wonders of nature, and charm of things made from the human hand.”

Gale first became interested in photography in her college years, in large part because of an eight-week road trip out west with her friends. She made her way to California and back, zig-zagging across the west along the way.

”I didn’t want to have just great memories, I wanted quality photos to go along with those memories. Photos other people might want to see also,” Gale said.

Unfortunately, upon returning from her trip, she realized the camera she had been using was not the best quality and she was disappointed to see the results of the photographs. However, her interest in photography was sparked.

Gale has lived in Ewing most of her life. She graduated from Ewing High School and Rider College. She worked for Education Testing Service for over 35 years. During that time, she honed her photography skills by taking classes, buying a better camera and photographing rural parts of the state around her.

Her photographic sandbox got larger when she retired about eight years ago. She’s used her time well, traveling and photographing the world—now with a much better camera. Gale has photographed scenes from the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and Baltic countries.

Her photographs on display at town hall include shots from Morocco, Croatia, Italy, France, Sweden and Scandinavia, to name but a few countries.