I am saddened about the fact that there will be no varsity football for High School North this fall because of the decision not to merge the High School North and High School South teams. These high schools are in the same school district and share resources, teachers and friends.

This decision hurts school spirit, community spirit and most of all the chance for senior football players to get valuable experience as they seek college scholarships.

Taking away this important extra-curricular activity can also lead to more harmful student behavior like bullying.

The WJFL and NJSIAA should be ashamed of themselves for using the argument that such a merger would build a super team and risk injury. This is very hypocritical given the fact that the state allows Catholic high schools to recruit students from all over the state to build super teams.

I applaud state Senator Shirley Turner’s pending legislation to allow districts in WW-P’s position to combine sports programs as long as they are within the same district.

I hope this legislation passes quickly so this injustice does not occur again.

— Bruce Cooke, Plainsboro