David Schroth, a Ewing councilman, has had his own law practice in town since 1993.

Attorney David P. Schroth, with offices at 795 Parkway Ave., likes to keep things local. Raised in Trenton, Schroth attended The Lawrenceville School, Georgetown University and Widener Law School, before returning to Ewing to live and establish his law practice. After graduation from law school, Schroth clerked for state Superior Court judges Maria Sypek and Lee Forrester before beginning his law practice in 1993.

With a wide-ranging practice in civil litigation, personal injury, consumer fraud and nursing home negligence, as well as other disciplines, Schroth also relishes working on the defense side of the courtroom representing clients for a range of criminal areas including drunk or drugged driving and domestic violence.

His practice also involves business litigation and contract disputes, child custody, worker’s compensation, trusts, estates and wills. His office includes a full-time paralegal and he confers with participating attorneys as needed.

A member of more than a dozen attorney organizations, Schroth argues cases in municipal, county, state and federal courts throughout New Jersey, with a particular emphasis on Mercer County.

“My practice is definitely court oriented,” Schroth says, emphasizing how much he enjoys the give and take in a courtroom. “Trials are challenging and I enjoy being able to help people find justice.”

Schroth likes being a solo practitioner, noting that he takes the cases he wants and does his own research rather than employ a young associate for background work.

“When I take your case, you get me and my expertise. I’m working your case, not supervising others who might be doing the actual work.”

Schroth says he is is pleased to make Ewing his home with his wife, Monika, an employee benefits executive, and takes pride in his reelection last year to a second term on the Ewing Township Council. Schroth is the son of the late David J. Schroth, known as a fierce enforcer of the law while serving as Superior Court judge in Mercer County. Schroth’s grandfather, Raymond Schroth, was a long-time editor of the Trenton Times and a hero of World War I.

Schroth successfully represented a retired U.S. Army Colonel against the U.S. Justice Department in a United States District Court case, resulting in the acquittal of his client on 12 of 13 charges, reducing the client’s time in jail to a fraction of what it could have been.

He has also tried and plea-bargained hundreds of driving under the influence cases, and he points to a successful, though confidential, settlement for more than $1 million in a personal injury case.

Schroth’s website, davidpschroth.com, includes his own blog in which he advises potential clients on their rights and what they should expect in different situations.

Schroth provides personalized, individual service to New Jersey residents facing the need to defend themselves, as well as those who feel they have been wronged. Schroth says he dedicates himself to ensuring his clients are successful when they need to enter the often strenuous world of courts and legal actions.

The Law Office of David P. Schroth, 795 Parkway Ave., Suite A-3. Phone: (609) 882-0041. davidpschroth.com.