“Freedom,” wrote Cicero, “is participation in power.” What better way to invite all of Hamilton’s citizens to participate in power than by posting video recordings of its Board of Education meetings on the district website so they can see what is going on?

At recent Hamilton BOE meetings, I have joined with countless parents, PTA members, and other attendees to request that the cameras be put back on. If in less than 24 hours, Hamilton can deliver a phone message districtwide to announce a weather related school closing, surely it can just as quickly upload a video link to its site.

Allowing taxpayers and others access to see what is going on at BOE meetings, at a time when the entire nation needs more democracy from its citizens, will actually invite more participation in power.

Secondly, adversity is overcome in athletic games on a weekly basis. If this self-discipline and participation is applied to being an active citizen, Hamilton can become a leader in solving problems. The few are organized, the many are not. But by turning the cameras back on, the many will become invested in solving our problems. Imagine taking some of the fire of one Sunday football game, replacing it with watching a BOE meeting, and transferring that energy into citizens offering solutions. This participation in power and democracy will bring Hamilton into a new era.

In short, turning the cameras back on will ensure greater participation in democracy and promote wiser uses of power. Our children and township surely deserve no less.

— Joseph J. Golding
The author is a candidate this November for the Hamilton Board of Education.