Rain may have cut short this year’s National Night Out, but nonetheless we thank the Robbinsville and surrounding community for its support of law enforcement and our Police Appreciation Week initiative.

We continue to live in very difficult times, and when I signed the executive order in 2016 declaring the first week of August each year “Police Appreciation Week,” I did so to help counteract the increasingly negative attitudes toward law enforcement all over the world. Everyone has the right to protest and be dismayed any time an innocent person is assaulted or killed, but advocating violence against police, first responders or everyday citizens will always be unacceptable.

The Robbinsville community once again responded to our call this year by tying navy blue ribbons around their mailboxes and swapping out their white porch lights for blue. Local businesses (and residents) prominently displayed the “We Support Law Enforcement” signs (thank you Triangle Copy!), while all township buildings were adorned in blue.

At a recent service, Lifetree Church pastor Dan Greco, someone I admire very much, quoted 1 John 2:9: “Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness.” Pastor Dan added: “Racism is hateful and there is no justifying it. We are better together. Love lives in the light.”

As a people, we should continue to focus on how far we have come over the past 30 years. Are we perfect? No. Can we do more? Obviously, the answer is yes. Where we place our focus is where we intend to go. So much of the violence we see today is part of our past.

It is not our future.

* * *

Without getting into too much detail, I would like to report the United States Postal Service has not heard the last from Robbinsville Township and its supporters in its attempts to secure an independent zip code.

The township is continuing its quest to have the 2016 results dismissed and to have a Robbinsville-specific zip code instituted immediately. Nearly 96 percent of Robbinsville residents returned surveys to the USPS declaring their approval for a unified zip code last summer, and we intend to keep fighting—in court if necessary—to make that happen for the overwhelming majority of residents desiring that change, which not only impacts mail delivery, but also vehicle insurance rates and property values.

* * *

I could not have been more proud to be on hand Aug. 16 to help Deb Dauer and her beautiful family cut the ribbon for the new wheelchair accessible bathroom built by Joseph A. Halsey Construction with funds raised through the 2017 State of Robbinsville Township Address May 9.

We all continue to pray for Deb and her family and friends as she wages her incredibly courageous battle with ALS.

Dave Fried is the Mayor of Robbinsville.