Six applications were on the agenda at the Zoning Board’s regular meeting on July 26, after this issue of the Echo went to press. The applicants were the following:

62 Patton Avenue, Selina Man and Peter Ramadge, owner /applicants. A variance to enclose and reconstruct an existing front porch and new deck (carried from June 28 agenda).

469 North Harrison Street, Church and Dwight, owner/applicant. Permission to permit construction of an addition to an existing office/research building.

357 Franklin Avenue, Charles and Boas Park, owner/applicant. Variance for renovation of first floor and second floor addition to an existing single family house on a non-conforming lot.

84 Clearview Avenue, Elena Greene, owner/applicant. Variance to permit the replacement of an existing air conditioning condenser in exception to the required setback.

56 Armour Road, Emanueule Gillio and Ana Martin, owner/applicants. Variance to permit construction of detached two car garage within the required setback.

23 Sergeant Street, Patrick Savard, owner/applicant. Variances to permit a small roof and wall to enclose an existing second floor balcony.