I just read Arnav Sood’s letter regarding the vote to reinstate the contract of Dr. David Aderhold. I also attended the board of education meeting on June 27, and I too saw a divide in those who supported Dr. Aderhold and those who did not.

However, unlike Mr. Sood, I did not see a racial divide. I saw that the majority of those who supported Dr. Aderhold were either people that work within our school system and had direct experience with Dr. Aderhold or individual members of our community that volunteer their time to help enrich the academic experience for all WW-P students.

I recognized many of those who supported Dr. Aderhold, because they are the same people I see running book fairs, helping during school activities, camping out at Outdoor Ed, coaching robotics and organizing school/community-building events, even when their child may not directly benefit.

I recognized very few of those who were in opposition; however, perhaps they are active in schools in other than those my four children attend. For me, the unifying characteristic of those in opposition was their uniform dislike for the democratization of the A&E program. I wouldn’t call that racist, just selfish.

—Eileen Azzara, West Windsor