The Class of 2017 at Hamilton’s three public high schools—including the Top 10 seniors featured below—will graduate June 23, 2017. Hamilton West’s fesitivities are 7 p.m. at the Trenton War Memorial.

1Amanda Sensi

University of New Haven
Forensic chemist
Class rank: 1 GPA: 4.68

Sports: Cross country, swimming, track
Clubs: National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Latin National Honor Society, Mathematics National Honor Society, science league, math club, Technology Student Association, biotechnology club
Prior schooling: Robinson Elementary, Grice Middle

Person who inspires me: “My coaches Lauren Baldasari, Stephen Ziegler and Linda Laird. They all taught me to push hard and to never give up on myself, no matter how tough things get. Their guidance has given me the confidence to always strive for my goals.”

Favorite memory: “This year, I was named ‘Hardest Working Hornet’ for the Hamilton West girls’ swim team. This award came by surprise since I am not the greatest swimmer. My coach, Mrs. Laird, told me I not only deserved the award for pushing myself, but also for encouraging my teammates, being a leader and an academic all-star.”

2Liam Courtney

Roanoke College
Orthopedic surgeon
Class rank: 2 GPA: 4.66
Sports: Football, lacrosse
Clubs: National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society
Prior schooling: Yardville Heights Elementary, Grice Middle

Person who inspires me: “Dr. John R. Schnell at Trenton Orthopedic Group since his wonderful medical care for both my father and myself inspired me to pursue a career in orthopedic surgery.”

Favorite memory: “Participating in Mr. Hamilton High West this year. This memory sticks out the most for me since it really required me to step out of my comfort zone. I am typically more shy and reserved, but I had to be very boisterous for Mr. HHW. I had a lot of fun competing for the various awards, and I was extremely surprised when I made the top five. The entire experience was absolutely amazing.”

3Brian Chesko

Rowan University
Software developer
Class rank: 3 GPA: 4.65
Sports: Track
Clubs: National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Italian Honor Society, student government
Prior schooling: Sunnybrae Elementary, Grice Middle

Person who inspires me: “Elon Musk is inspiring. He’s willing to keep trying when everyone else has given up and doesn’t just care about money.”

Favorite memory: “A simple game we played at Sunnybrae Elementary called ‘Cars.’ The game was easy but we had tons of fun playing every day at recess. Every time we saw a car starting to approach from one of the side streets, we had to sprint to the opposing fence before the car passed it. Otherwise, we were ‘hit’ and were out. When a car when the other direction, we ran back. ‘Cars’ provided a great bonding experience that we still reminisce about today.”

4Catherine Benyon

Rutgers University
Physician assistant
Class rank: 4 GPA: 4.57
Clubs: Peer Leadership, Key Club (treasurer), SGA (treasurer), math club, National Honor Society (president), Science National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, FBLA
Prior schooling: Robinson Elementary, Grice Middle

Person who inspires me: “My mom because she has shown me that being happy in life is most important.”

Favorite memory: “Participating in Relay for Life with Peer Leadership. I loved spending all night for a great cause with my friends.”

5Charles Geiger

University of Pittsburgh
Computer programmer
Class rank: 5 GPA: 4.56
Sports: Baseball
Clubs: DECA, FBLA, Peer Leadership, Big Brothers Big Sisters, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Language National Honor Society, German club
Prior schooling: McGalliard Elementary, Grice Middle

Person who inspires me: “My parents. If I did not have their love and support, I would not have been as successful.”

Favorite memory: “My time spent with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I went to a local elementary school and mentored a student named Kevin. He was one of the most genuine kids I will ever meet. It gave me great satisfaction to know I may have made a small difference in someone’s life.”

6Anthony Diantonio

Rowan University
Automotive engineer
Class rank: 6 GPA: 4.5
Sports: Tennis
Clubs: Italian Honor Society, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society
Prior schooling: St. Raphael School

Person who inspires me: “My mother because of the role model she is and the things she does for me inspire me to work hard.”

Favorite memory: “Spirit Week during senior year because of how fun it was for everyone and myself to go all out for all the themes and events during the week.”

7Eric Benyon

Rowan University
Mechanical engineer
Class rank: 7 GPA: 4.43
Sports: Lacrosse
Clubs: Key Club, DECA
Prior schooling: Robinson Elementary, Grice Middle

Person who inspires me: “My mom. She always challenges me to be a better person and supports me.”

Favorite memory: “Playing lacrosse. Lacrosse taught me about hard work, dedication, and what it means to be a teammate.”

8Taylor Groskorth-Flynn

Richard Stockton University
Occupational therapist
Class rank: 8 GPA: 4.29
Clubs: Newspaper, National Honor Society, French Honors Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters
Prior schooling: Kisthardt Elementary, Grice Middle

Favorite memory: “When I got accepted into the men’s/women’s select choir my sophomore year of high school. All of the dedication and passional I put into singing paid off when I saw my name on the list.”

9Kevin Marin

College of New Jersey
Research chemist
Class rank: 9 GPA: 4.29
Clubs: Marching band, robotics club, jazz band
Prior schooling: Parker Elementary (Trenton), Crockett Middle

Person who inspires me: “My teachers. They have always inspired me to do my best and be a good person.”

Favorite memory: “During my last marching band competition, we were the last band to perform, so we got to keep our instruments with us. After the awards were given out, and once we began to head to our buses, I started to feel a little sad about it being my last competition. So I began playing ‘Seven Nation Army.’ Before I knew it, everyone else had joined in, and we played it nonstop all the way back to the buses.”

10Brianna Szenczi

College of New Jersey
Elementary school teacher
Class rank: 10 GPA: 4.28
Clubs: National Honor Society, Italian National Honor Society, Peer Leadership, drama club, choir
Prior schooling: Robinson Elementary, Grice Middle

Person who inspires me: “My mom because she is the most loving, caring and selfless person I know.”

Favorite memory: “Performing in our school’s musicals for the past four years. It was a lot of hard work and dedication, but I made so many friends and had plenty of laughs, which made it all worth it. Not to mention how great it felt to put on three really good shows every year and make everyone involved in the productions proud. I’ll miss it very much.”