Dr. Doris Soernssen-Hahn has been in practice at Back in Action Chiropractic in Ewing for about 17 years.

Contrary to what it might sometimes seem, most people really don’t want to take drugs. Especially when it comes to maintaining their health. And as a medical practitioner, Dr. Doris Soernssen-Hahn, owner of Back In Action Chiropractic in Ewing, doesn’t like to see people taking them. At least not when they aren’t warranted.

Drugs have their place and purpose in health and healing, Soernssen-Hahn (who generally goes by Dr. Doris) said. But if there’s a way to help people without subjecting them to substances and the side-effects thereof, she would rather take that road.

That’s why Back In Action is a bit more than a chiropractor’s office. Soernssen-Hahn has been practicing for about 17 years, and since opening Back In Action, she’s had Monika Miletics, a massage therapist, with her.

Miletics often gets a patient first, working out the muscle issues for three main reasons. One, because who doesn’t love a relaxing massage. Two, for the therapeutic benefits massage contributes to overall health, and three, because a relaxed chiropractic patient takes to chiropractic adjustment far more readily, Soernssen-Hahn said.

“We try to treat patients through a more natural approach,” Soernssen-Hahn said. “We want to increase their range of motion, reduce pain. We want to make people feel better so they can live better.”

Making people feel better begins even before anybody gets any kind of treatment at Back In Action. The office itself is designed to be as welcoming and relaxing as possible. Calming aromatherapy scents hang in the air; the sounds of ocean or tropical forest play. And even if that fails, there is the ever-friendly Donella Ulak greeting you at the front desk.

While not much has changed in the chiropractic world, nor at Back In Action over the past few years, what has changed has been more like a deepening sense of patient community, Soernssen-Hahn said.

“Patients become more like friends,” she said. “A lot of people I’ve seen for years.”

Soernssen-Hahn, earned her bachelor’s from Excelsior College in Ithaca, New York, and her doctorate of chiropractic in 2000 from the New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls. Even as a child, she knew she wanted to be a healer. It stared with a childhood visit to a physical therapist and bloomed after she was in a car accident that got her a visit with a chiropractor.

Well, several visits. Soernssen-Hahn likes to remind people that getting better through chiropractic and massage therapy doesn’t happen in one visit. You could think of it like a prescription, something you need routinely in order to maintain your health. But Dr. Doris likes to think of it more like exercise. And as much as we’d all love it, a single visit to the gym isn’t going to get you in killer shape.

But the point is, Soernssen-Hahn was sold on chiropractic after if helped her heal from her accident. She opened her practice at 1070 Parkway Ave. and about three-and-a-half years ago, she moved it to a bigger space right down the road, at 1330 Parkway.

Together, Soernssen-Hahn and Miletics follow the uncomplicated goal of trying to help people maintain wellness through balanced nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems.

And just so you know, Back In Action accepts most major insurance. Because even the insurance companies these days understand the benefits of natural therapy, away from the medicines and the side-effects thereof.

Back in Action Chiropractic is located at 1330 Parkway Ave #11 in Ewing Township. Phone: (609) 434-0318.