Morgan Elementary School Principal Regina McIntyre was duct taped to a wall during the PTA’s spring fundraiser. To the right, fifth grade students Kara Weaver and Jack Yager help tape her to the wall.

Many things can be found lining the walls of Morgan Elementary School—student artwork, bulletin board notices, and even Principal Regina McIntyre.

On April 5, students duct taped their principal to the wall during the Morgan Elementary School PTA’s spring fundraiser. The students used 365 strips of duct tape to secure McIntyre to the wall, who agreed to participate to raise money for the students.

The children raised $1,313, which will go toward the PTA’s fund for school assemblies, busing for field trips and other in-school activities.

PTA member Corey Donigan thanked ShurTech Brands for donating the duct tape and McIntyre for helping “keep the magic going at Morgan School.”