I think it’s time for Plainsboro and West Windsor to divorce.

The proposed Howard Hughes development does nothing for Plainsboro except hang over our heads a huge potential school tax increase. Plainsboro develops tax generating commercial health care-related projects while West Windsor seems to want to develop low income housing that puts a tremendous burden on a school system that is already at capacity.

When you are in the business of providing a free education to the population, there must be capacity limits. Let West Windsor do what it wants but don’t drag Plainsboro into the process by making us foot the bill.

If it must remarry, then Plainsboro has much more in common with East Windsor or Cranbury. I think it’s time to whack up the school properties and go our separate ways.

In this day, school budgets should be reduced not increased, and in the new politic it’s time for residents to get the message and seek alternative private education options.

It’s also time to adopt a pay-your-own-way mentality. In that regard, seniors should be exempt from paying any school taxes with the burden falling on those families who use the schools.

Lastly, good luck to the motorists who desperately need traffic relief on Route 1 and Quakerbridge Road. Has the DOT taken a pass on this critical impact analysis?

— Dennis Buchert, Plainsboro