Dr. Fiorello

Dr. David Fiorello is a dentist for the entire family.

“People see me because I am the only one here,” Fiorello said. “I do a little bit more than most dentists, I do as much as I can in-house, but I do use specialists for surgery. If patients feel comfortable with me, and I can do it here, I do it here. I don’t have a partner. I follow my cases from start to finish. I please 99.9 percent of the population.

“I’ve often said in this business you have to be a good psychiatrist, too. The technical skills are the easy part. I work to break down barriers and fears, including financial concerns.” He accepts most insurance including all major carriers and will work with patients who do not have insurance.”

Fiorello owns Hamilton Dental Arts, which is located in the Golden Crest Corporate Center in Hamilton Square, near the border with Robbinsville. Though there are no other dentists in his family, Fiorello cites his uncle, Dr. Joseph Fiorello, as an influence on his decision to become a dentist. The elder Fiorello had a medical practice across the street from Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville, where the younger Fiorello graduated in 1978.

Fiorello decided to become a dentist because he was always strong in science in school.

“My dad and I used to fix all kinds of things,” Fiorello said. “I tinkered with my hands. It was always a challenge to try to fix it because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get another one. I thought about going to medical school. I had a neighbor who was a dentist. I hung out in his office one summer.”

Fiorello has been in his Hamilton Square location since 1994. The office is handicap accessible and has easy parking. He has regular office hours Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, a schedule which suits him because it means he only works two days in a row before having a day off. That said, he is always on call and available to handle emergencies.

“A lot of times I get calls late on Friday—the desperation hour,” Fiorello said. “If someone leaves a message I get a text and call them back. I get people in right away, definitely that week.”

He said he strives to get emergencies cases in on the same day.

Fiorello keeps up with the latest in dental advances. He completed his undergraduate studies at Rollins College and Florida State University, and his doctorate at Temple University. He spends time getting to know his patients and explaining which treatment is best based on individual needs. He focuses on the comfort of his patients.

“Most people don’t want to be here—they’d rather be on vacation,” he said. “I get to know someone before I do work.”

Some technology related changes to the field since he became a dentist in 1988 include intra-oral scanners, oral cancer screenings, being able to book appointments online.

In addition to being a dentist, Fiorello is also a local singer and songwriter. He has been playing in a band, on and off, since he was 17. He plays piano, bass and harmonica. He currently belongs to his cousin’s band, where he jokingly said he is “the new hired gun.”

“I have a studio in my home,” Fiorello said. “I write and record. My 12-year old son also plays. We jam out together. Being a musician has made me a better public speaker. I have no fear.”

Hamilton Dental Arts is located in the Golden Crest Corporate Center, at 2271 Route 33, Suite 104, in Hamilton. Phone: (609) 584-0040.