Jennifer and Gloria Kubick sit in the office of Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning on S. Olden Avenue.

Gloria Kubick had always been fanatical about cleaning her house, so when she lot her personnel job due to her employer closing, she knew exactly what she was going to do to make ends meet.

She hung a few flyers around town and started cleaning area homes while she figured out her next career move. That move, in 1990, became Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning. Today, she has about a dozen women working for her full and part time and has approximately 300 customers.

“Cleaning is a stress relief for me,” Kubick said. “When the company I was working for went under I had to do something quickly. I was 40-years-old. I wanted to regroup. When I started the business, I had no business plan. I started off the cuff.”

There were many years where she cleaned by herself. Now she mostly works behind the scenes as her daughter, Jennifer Kubick, slowly takes over the business. Kubick hasn’t actively cleaned homes in a long time.

“One or two years ago, I took a crew out because they needed a driver,” she said. “I slowed them down.”

Upstairs Downstairs Cleaners is a family owned and operated business. Kubick’s husband, Al, and Jennifer’s significant other, Dominick Russano, help out as needed with snow removal and building maintenance. The daughters of some of her employees work during summer vacations, which is helpful with vacation rental cleanings.

“I thought about turning it into a franchise years ago, but I was too busy cleaning versus trying to expand,” Kubick said. “I’d rather have fewer and happier clients than become a routine cleaning service.”

As a result she is selective in who she cleans for, and who she hires.

Currently all of her employees are women, but “I have had men over the years who are very good cleaners. We do background checks, and try to hire from within.” Kubick recognizes clients put a lot of trust in her and her staff, which is why her company is bonded.

She also recognizes having your home professionally cleaned on a regular basis is a luxury for most of her customers. Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning offers a variety of options ranging from weekly and every other week cleaning to one-time special event cleanings to move in/move out cleaning, and in-between. Kubick is equally as flexible with the needs of her staff as she is with the needs of her customers.

“Because we are family owned it is a more personal service,” she said. “I probably retain my employees longer because I am more flexible with them trying to work along with their schedule as well. It is very hard work. They do a good job. They have a system and a routine.”

With that said she adds, “I try to keep the teams the same. It is the same two to three people I try to keep at least one person from the original team because they know the house and they know the client. We try to cater to the needs of our clients. We treat their families the way we want to be treated. We offer a more personal service, and are more flexible.”

She cites the example of their “snow bird” customers who don’t need their services during the winter each year.

“That’s fine with us,” she said. “We work them back in the schedule to where they used to be getting done.”

Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning brings their own supplies, unless the client prefers to provide their own.

Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning cleans all over Mercer County and from Middlesex to Woodbridge, from Monmouth to Cream Ridge, down to Burlington and Bordentown, and across the river to Morrisville and Langhorne. They also work in a development in Jackson.

For more information about Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning, call (609) 888-1311 or (609) 737-7373, or go online to