from the schoolsIn 1943, Abraham Maslow proposed a theory of psychology predicated on fulfilling innate human needs. This theory, commonly referred to as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and often portrayed in the shape of a pyramid, posits that our most fundamental needs—like those relating to physiology, safety and security—must be met in order to pave the way for each of us to reach our highest potential.

We in Robbinsville Schools have a deep understanding that our first and foremost responsibility involves the assurance that our students are safe, both physically and emotionally, from the moment they leave for school in the morning until they return home at the end of the school day. We take this responsibility seriously.

In a district comprised of more than 3,000 children, every member of the school community contributes to this primary focus. As educators, we know that for students to succeed they need to understand on the deepest of levels that they are safe. As parents, we too need this reassurance so we can go about our daily business knowing that our children are being well taken care of. When a child feels safe and secure at school, he or she is better equipped to experience a love of learning.

Robbinsville Schools recognizes that we are not alone in our concern for the children of our community. Indeed, there are many others that help our children along the way and we believe that it is important to let them know how much we appreciate them. To that extent, please join us in formally thanking the Robbinsville Police Department, the Robbinsville Fire Department, and Robbinsville Emergency Services.

These groups of consummate professionals go beyond the call of duty by making themselves available to our children. Their partnership with and commitment to the Robbinsville School District has been exceptional, and we commend them for their dedication to the safety of our children. We know that you, too, appreciate all that they do to keep our community and our children safe.

If you should happen to have the opportunity to say thank you in person we are certain that they would appreciate your kind words.

Be safe, and enjoy the fall season.

Matt O’Grady is president of the Robbinsville Board of Education.