I had the honor of serving on the school board for nine years, eight of them coinciding with Richard Kaye’s years on the board. I know him to be honorable, reasonable, intelligent, hardworking and well informed. He has the experience and background to serve the residents of West Windsor effectively and with integrity.

When difficult issues face the school board, I want to know that its members are open-minded and guided by common sense – like Richard Kaye. At times Richard brought to board discussions a particularly well-formed opinion based on his experience and understanding, and he was able to clearly and convincingly explain his position to his colleagues, which is especially valuable in gaining consensus. At other times, Richard listened carefully, asked questions, and formed his opinion based on new facts or circumstances.

In all cases his contributions were constructive and carefully thought out. I look forward to voting for Richard Kaye on Nov. 8 and I urge West Windsor residents to join me in voting to return him to the West Windsor-Plainsboro School Board.

Robert J. Johnson

West Windsor

Johnson is a former member of the WW-P Board of Education