I have known Louisa Ho for a few years through my involvement with the Southern & Central NJ Girl Scouts. For the past 18 years she has been volunteering as a Girl Scout troop leader, (often leading a few troops simultaneously) and serves as co-service unit manager for all WWP Girl Scout troops. Last year, when my daughter’s girl scout troop was left without a primary leader, Louisa stepped in to help me lead our troop. This is the second year that together, Louisa and I are successfully leading our troop, which has grown by 60 percent since we started.

Louisa has dedicated her time to volunteering and improving the lives of children in our community. From seeing her in action, I know that she works tirelessly and is completely dedicated to enriching our girl scouts’ lives and experiences. She is very fair-minded, has compassion and encourages every girl to strive to be her very best and to never give up when facing challenges. I have learned so much from working with her and view her as a very inspirational mentor. Louisa truly knows how to approach every child and listens to what each child needs, which is why the girls in our troop truly love and admire her. She has opened her home to our troop on a regular basis and has given so much of her resources and time to the girls. I find this to be very admirable for many reasons, one of which is the fact that she does not even have a daughter in our troop (her daughter, a “veteran” girl scout, is presently a college student), yet she selflessly devotes so much of her time to our troop.

Louisa cares so deeply about this community and I have seen her continuously and genuinely give of herself. She goes way beyond what is expected of a troop leader so I know that she has this same philosophy and work ethic in her role as Board of Education member. As I have come to know Louisa and have had the chance to observe her, not only in her role as a girl scout troop leader but also as a co-service unit manager, I have always been impressed by her leadership skills, creativity and great judgement – all of which are important qualities for a person in a leadership role on the Board of Education. For these reasons I feel very confident about supporting Louisa for re-election to the Board of Education! I hope you’ll join me in voting for Louisa Ho on November 8th.

— Eris Carmel, West Windsor
Carmel is leader of GSCSNJ Troop #70071