from the schoolsIf your house is anything like mine, you and your family are busy soaking up the last few moments of summer in preparation for another school year. By now, teacher assignments have been released and school supplies have been purchased. There is growing excitement among kids as they begin to wonder about the year ahead. Who will be in their class? What will their new teacher be like? Each new school year provides the opportunity for students, teachers and parents to start fresh. We have an opportunity to look ahead with clear minds, clean slates and renewed focus.

It takes my crew a good month before the new schedules begin to feel routine, and we can establish our rhythm. Transition periods like these require extra patience and attention. The sudden change from the long days of summer to books, buses and homework assignments can challenge the even best of families.

Over the past few months each building has been spruced up and has received a thorough cleaning. Simultaneously, curriculums, lesson plans and learning strategies have been revised for improved outcomes and deliveries. District employees are eager to greet students and colleagues as they embark on another journey in learning and sharing.

We prepare for greatness with the understanding that not everything will transition smoothly from paper to practical application. While our expectations are high, they are also flexible. We know, just as you do, that during the course of the next few weeks our kids may require a little extra extra patience, extra understanding and extra love.

As we begin a new school year, know we are in this together. Know, too, that we continue to welcome your active participation in this process because without it, we will certainly miss our mark.

Enjoy your Labor Day, and embrace this educational transition.

Matt O’Grady is president of the Robbinsville Board of Education.