A new 54-foot Squrt Articulating Water Tower, which is being constructed by Ladder Tower Co. (a subsidiary of Smeal Fire Apparatus Co.), will soon be delivered to the Prospect Heights Volunteer Fire Co.

This new Squrt is set to replace a 24-year-old Squrt that the department has had in its fleet. The new design features a new pump panel configuration, Smeal’s QL-12 peer-to-peer electrical system, and new, advanced joystick controls.

“The iconic Squrt, with its articulating water tower, has always offered unique firefighting features, and we are particularly proud to be bringing back these aerial advantages in a newly enhanced design. We are very appreciative of Prospect Heights Volunteer Fire Company’s and Ewing Township’s confidence in our ability to make the Squrt better than it’s ever been,” said Jeff Wegner, senior vice president of global sales for LTC and Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. “We are committed to revitalizing the LTC aerial product line, and this updated Squrt design is just one example.”

The 54-foot Squrt Articulating Water Tower provides unmatched ability to position a master stream over or under obstructions exactly where it is needed. It also offers excellent sidewalk sweep capability with the ability to put place the monitor very close to the ground and near the vehicle. It features a 1,000-gallon per minute articulating boom, 750 gallons of water, a 30-gallon Class B foam cell and 2,000-gallon per minute Waterous pump. It has a low overall travel height of 10’8” and a narrow, 11’9” stabilizer spread for fast, easy set-up on scene. The Squrt Articulating Water Tower can easily be added to a traditional pumper configuration to provide aerial capability with only a small increase in overall vehicle length.

A new 65-foot TeleSqurt Telescoping Boom-Ladder and Smeal 100-foot rear mount platform were part of the same order, and will be delivered to Ewing Township, New Jersey, along with the 54-foot Squrt.

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