In every edition of the Ewing Observer, Mayor Bert Steinmann answers readers’ questions.

I am a resident who lives in an apartment complex in Ewing. The landlord sent someone to fix a problem with our bathtub and instead broke our bathtub. Now I can’t get them to come and fix it, and my family and I can’t take a shower or a bath.

I am disabled and work a part-time job with a limited income and can’t afford to pay someone to come in and fix it myself. Is there anyone at the township who can help with our situation?

–Rocky Bullard

Please call our code enforcement department at (609) 883-2900, ext. 7611 and ask for Jim Scott. He will ask one of our inspectors to check out your complaint and if there is a violation the apartment owners will be required to fix the problem.

I am a newer resident of Ewing Township and I am concerned about the lack of stop signs in what is considered “Parkway Village.”

I live on Terrace Boulevard and almost all the roads running perpendicular do not have stop signs, nor do many that feed onto Dunmore Avenue. I have had a few close calls in the little bit of time I have lived here. Also, with many children in the area (including Ewing High students who walk to school at times in the dark) Terrace Boulevard could use a stop sign/speed bump (or two) to slow the cars from speeding through our neighborhood. Can more stop signs or speed bumps be installed in either of these areas?

–Andrea Piccinetti

I have asked our police chief and township engineer to review your concerns regarding the need for more stop signs in the area.

I live on Federal City Road and in addition to the high volume of traffic on the road, there’s a problem with the high rate of speed that these cars are traveling. I have lived on Federal City Road for 16 years and it is becoming very dangerous to turn into my driveway because of the high rate of speed that the cars behind me are traveling. Can anything be done?

–Una V. Green

I have asked our police department to investigate your complaints as it relates to high rates of speed. If you would like to talk to an officer in person please contact my office at (609) 883-2900, ext. 7647 and I will arrange a meeting with an officer in the police department traffic bureau.

I am a senior citizen who lives on the lower part of Somerset Street. I just came in from shoveling snow, and witnessed the snow plow drive down Somerset and turn on Buttonwood without plowing lower Somerset. Why did this happen, and can they plow all of Somerset at the same time?

–Jean Samuel

The top half of Somerset and Buttonwood to Parkside Avenue are considered a main safety route for emergency vehicles, and once those areas are plowed the plow crew should come back and complete the rest of Somerset and the roads in your area.

The January storm was a difficult storm for both members of the public and our department of public works. Your concern and many others were discussed with my public works director and business administrator.

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