The Nottingham High School Italian Program located in Hamilton, under the leadership of Italian Professor and World Languages Department Chair Frank A. Campione, is set to present a program highlighting the usage of the Universality of Italian Heritage Curriculum at the 12th annual Congress on Saturday, September 19, 2015. The event is sponsored by the New Jersey Italian & Italian American Heritage Commission and will be held at Mercer County Community College.

Included in Professor Campione’s presentation will be a video utilized in Italian classes involving curriculum themes of Pinocchio, the importance of honesty and character, The Lynching of Italians in New Orleans, highlighting prejudice against Italians in the late 1800’s, Italian Immigration to America, Leonardo da Vinci and Mona Lisa, the Unification of Italy and the importance of Garibaldi, Cavour and Mazzini, the Role of Italians in Saving Jews during the Holocaust, utilization of l’Amicizia Program adopted by the Commission, creation of Gemelaggio’s (city to city) relationships with Italian students in the Italian cities of Norcia, (Umbria), Canicatti and Naro in Sicily and Collodi and Pescia in the region of Tuscany.

Professor Campione, a graduate of Seton Hall Law School has been teaching Italian at Nottingham High School for the past ten years and has successfully implemented the various curriculum models in teaching Italian along with the history and culture of Italy.