Maisy is a young tortoiseshell cat looking for a new home.

Mongo is a very social and loving dog seeking a new owner.

EASEL’s rescue pets of the month are a tortoiseshell cat named Maisy and a medium-sized dog named Mongo.

Mongo was hit by a car then rescued by the police. The accident seems to have had no effect on his personality as he is very friendly and social. This big love bug is learning manners, has great love for other dogs, especially the little guys and might even be ok with cats. He is even having a window love affair with one of the shelter cats. He has a wonderful laid back attitude and with training and lots of exercise, will make an excellent companion.

Maisy is a beautiful young tortoiseshell cat. Sweetheart is the best word to describe this beauty! She is a typical tortie, a little leery of noises and sudden moves, but once you sit down with her, she is all about being on your lap and getting pet. Maisy is now at EASEL’s trailer, but she was in a foster home for a while. She used to walk up to her foster mom to ask for something, but when she opens her mouth no noise comes out! Maisy is very interactive when being pet. She will roll on her back, headbutt your chin and circle around for a nice spot on your lap. You can absolutely see how happy she is to be with people. Please consider giving this adorable kitty a place in your home.

Summer Pet Tip!

With record temperatures expected this summer, it is important to keep your pets and yourself in mind when it comes to keeping cool. Walk dogs in the cooler times of the day such as morning and evening, keep everyone hydrated and refrain from leaving your pets in cars for any period of time.