A gathering to celebrate the generous $3,000 donation from the Whole Earth Center to the Friends of Herrontown Woods. Left to right: FOHW president Steve Hiltner and Kurt Tazelaar, WEC board members Agnes Mironov and Howard Azer and FOHW Vice President Jon Johnson (in front).

The Whole Earth Center, Princeton’s go-to health grocery store supporting healthy living and a healthy earth, has donated $3,000 to the Friends of Herrontown Woods (FOHW) for the continuing restoration of public trails and the Veblen House.

Over the past two years, FOHW volunteers have taken the lead in clearing trails that had become blocked by overgrowth and fallen trees in Herrontown Woods and Autumn Hill Reservation. The donation will also help fund initial steps towards the restoration of the historic home, barn and cottage of Oswald Veblen. Veblen, an internationally known Princeton University mathematics professor instrumental in the founding of the Institute for Advanced Study, donated much of his land to Mercer County in 1957 to form the core of Herrontown Woods.

For more information, visit veblenhouse.org and Facebook.com/FriendsOfHerrontownWoods.