Photographs by John T. “Jet” Lowe, who chronicled 19th and 20th century Industrial Age engineering marvels including bridges designed and built by John A. Roebling, will be on display at the Roebling Museum in Roebling.

The Art of Engineering: Jet Lowe Photographs Roebling Works is set to open Saturday, April 11 with a gallery talk by Lowe at 2 p.m. The photographs on display include images of the Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and George Washington Bridge, all works of the John A. Roebling’s Sons Company.

For 35 years, as chief photographer for the Historic American Engineering Record, John T. “Jet” Lowe traveled the country to make a photographic record of factories, mills, bridges, railroads and examples of 19th and 20th century engineering ingenuity.

The 17 photos in the exhibit are among 40,000 photos Lowe shot during his career with HAER, a part of the National Park Service. The originals are now in the Library of Congress
as part of the record of America’s industrial history. The exhibit, on display in the Roebling Museum’s Investors Bank Media Room, will be available for public viewing through the end of 2015.

Lowe’s photographs span the range of Roebling’s work, from the 1847 Lackawaxen Aqueduct in Lackawaxen, Pa. built in 1847 — the nation’s oldest wire suspension bridge — to the landmark Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, completed in 1937. Lowe used a large-format Canham 5×7 camera that offers high resolution and great depth of focus without distortion. This allowed him to photograph massive industrial buildings and bridges. The bulky six-poud camera and tripod also require considerable ingenuity to maneuver from hundreds of feet in the air atop a bridge.

After retiring from HAER in 2013, Lowe was awarded the Society for Industrial Archaeology’s highest honor, the General Tools Award. A selection of his photographs has been collected in the book Industrial Eye: Photographs by Jet Lowe for the Historic American Engineering Record, published by Preservation Press in 1986.

Lowe’s gallery talk will also be held in the museum’s Investors Bank Media Room. Space is limited and reservations are strongly suggested. Adult admission for the gallery talk is $6.

The Roebling Museum is an industrial history museum which documents the history of John A. Roebling, the company he founded, and its workforce. Roebling’s innovations in suspension cable construction revolutionized bridge design.

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The museum is located on 100 Second Avenue in Roebling. Parking is available at the back of the museum just off Hornberger Avenue. Visitors can also take the River Line; the museum is only a short walk from the Roebling stop.