Key Club public relations officers Michelle Glauberzon and Marilyn Widman with Joe Murphy, Ewing Kiwanis coordinator of the Hopewell KEY Club.

The Hopewell Valley Key Club, sponsored by The Ewing Kiwanis Club, is currently planning several community service events.

This year, their Key Club strives to continue their work with HomeFront and Brandywine while planning new, larger events. An upcoming plan they are working on is to fundraise for, and possibly help with the construction of, a handicapped accessible playground for a local school.

Their second grand event is to assist another local club, SMAC, in hosting their own Relay for Life at the HVCHS, in order to raise money for cancer research. The Hopewell Valley Key Club serves to impact the community through collective, positive activities which build character for all who participate.

The Hopewell Valley Key Club students have previously participated in a wide array of activities which have allowed them to exercise leadership skills, improving their community and school. Within the past few years, their club has been involved with HomeFront where they have hosted parties for kids, bringing games, prizes and their passion to create an experience, and a connection with the children. Members have volunteered at Brandywine, a senior home in Pennington, where they repainted and refurnished outdoor furniture together, providing a more cheerful environment.

In addition, they have been involved in other activities such as writing letters to soldiers, participating in color runs, hosting food drives, collecting donations for UNICEF, walking and fundraising for a Relay for Life at the Pennington School.