What is the talk of the town? Frigid temperatures plague our region.
We posed the question, “How are you staying warm?” to community members
strolling down Farnsworth Avenue the afternoon of Thursday, Feb. 19.

Here are some of the answers we heard:

Extra heating units and a glass of wine at night

“This [Bordentown] is a wonderful place to stay warm.” –Bernadette Chojnacki, Bordentown City

Bundling up

“We haven’t really had that bad of a winter, just with the cold. We’ve been lucky; we’re not Boston.” –Pat Wospil, Allentown, Necessities for the Heart 

Multiple cups of coffee

–Rommel Lozano, Bordentown City

Dressing appropriately

“Hat, clothes, gloves. A second layer if I have to.” –Crystal Holmes, Florence

What’s your secret for staying warm this winter? Comment below!