In West Windsor there will be no changes to the municipal tax levy and rate for 2014. The 2014 operating budget for the Township general fund provides $37,754,850 for expenditures. After subtracting revenue received from state agencies, fees, interest, licenses, etc., a total of $22,681,414 is the amount to be raised by taxation. This municipal tax levy is the same as 2013 and within the state-mandated CAP. The municipal tax rate remains at 38.0 cents.

The municipal budget represents approximately 15 percent of the total tax bill and is the only portion of the tax bill that the Mayor and Township Council can directly control. This 15 percent covers all the municipal services provided to residents including public safety (police and emergency services), public works (refuse collection and disposal, recycling, yard waste collection, snow removal and parks maintenance), and human services (health, recreation, senior and social services). The remaining 85% is used to pay for regional schools, county and library taxes and open space acquisition and preservation.

The Township continues to experience healthy growth. The Windsor Plaza (old Acme site) has added a grocery store, Mrs. Green’s Natural Market, to its mix of retail, restaurants, and services. Major construction is continuing at MarketFair on the Bahama Breeze and Seasons 52 restaurants. A new office building is going up on Roszel Road. The new commuter parking lot on Alexander Road is open. Road improvements to Alexander Road, allowing for safe deceleration and acceleration lanes into and out of the lot, are underway. We received grants for repaving a large section of Alexander Road from the bridge to Roszel Road and to provide a safe multi-use path along Conover Road for all walkers and cyclists. Lastly, we are balancing development with acquiring more land to remain open space and preserved farmland.

Our blue ribbon schools, the Princeton Junction Station at West Windsor with Amtrak service, and our numerous amenities continue to make West Windsor a desirable location for business and residents alike, maintaining our property values and attracting quality ratables. We continue to provide services with the same staffing level as in past year and continue to maintain our Triple A Standard & Poor’s rating as a financially sound municipality.

We look forward to serving West Windsor residents this coming year and thank them for their continued support.

Shing-Fu Hsueh