I am an Indian visiting the USA at regular intervals, and each time I visit, my most preferred place is a public library. During my last two visits in 2008 and 2011, I made extensive use of the Iselin and Woodbridge public libraries, where I was encouraged to make a gift of some of the books authored by me besides relishing a large number of publications (through the library membership of my daughter, Anshumita Cabra). I have a deep adoration for the U.S. public libraries.

I enjoyed reading about the Plainsboro Library in the June 27 issue of WW-P News. I have visited this library already a couple of times. A smaller but well laid out and efficiently managed library with various readership services. My association remains through my daughter and son-in-law. I am happy to learn that this unit is celebrating its Golden Jubilee, rising to a fine center of refinement from its humble beginning as “a four-woman best-seller book swap.” Great missions always flourish and I hope this library shall become a landmark of the county area. The experience of asking for books that are not physically available in the library (many aren’t that I would like to read) has not been disappointing! I must admit that I felt it was my happy duty to record my appreciation for the library after reading your report in the News.

Prof. Prem Mohan Lakhotia

Parker Road, Plainsboro