As I sit here trapped in my house, unable to go outside to garden or enjoy this spring day, contemplating wearing ear protection INSIDE my house, I am once again struck by the absurdly ridiculous, ignorant, and thoughtless behavior of the human species. The behavior I am referring to is the use of lawn services who arrive every day in my neighborhood, driving tanks capable of keeping back any intruding enemy.

No, it’s not a war zone, although it certainly sounds like one. It is a suburban street of half-acre lots. These machines destroy our ecosystem, drive away singing birds, ruin our hearing, pollute the earth with noise and engine exhaust and generally drive nature-loving human beings totally insane.

The selfishness of the people who employ these lawn services never ceases to amaze me. Does it ever occur to any of them (sitting inside with their air conditioners at full blast) that maybe some of us would like to open a window? Maybe even venture outside to garden? Walk our dogs in peace? Imagine that! Something must be done to regulate this insanity that I call the suburban curse.

Eileen Murphy

Hereford Drive