Lawrence Intermediate School Geography Bee winners Joshua Chang, Zack Azfar and Andres Trujillo.

Lawrence Intermediate School Spelling Bee winners. Back: sixth grade teacher Erika Stubbs, winners Rohan Dash, Sydney Maurer, Kira Eng and teacher Irene Tarasov. Front: winners Elias Johnson, Simon Cull and Rebecca Willner.

Lawrence Intermediate School students participated in the school’s annual geography and spelling bees.

Fourth through sixth grader students competed in the Geography Bee in December. Students answered oral questions on geography.

Sixth grader Andres Trujillo was the school’s overall winner.

Geography Bee winners in each grade level are fourth grader Joshua Chang, fifth grader Zack Azfar and Trujillo for sixth grade.

The annual Spelling Bee for fourth through sixth graders took place in March.

Students spelled words from the Scripps National Spelling Bee list to to determine the best spellers.

Sixth grader Simon Cull was the overall school winner.

Other winners are fourth graders Rebecca Willner and Elias Johnson, fifth grader Rohan Dash and Kira Eng and sixth grader Simon Cull and Sydney Maurer.

Sixth grader teachers Erika Stubbs and Irene Tarasov coordinators of both bees with the LIS PTO.