The Mercer County Office on Addiction Services is seeking participants in a survey.

Survey results help the office prepare a County Comprehensive Plan of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Services.

State legislation and the Alcoholism, Education, Rehabilitation and Enforcement Fund requires each of New Jersey’s 21 counties to prepare CCP every four years.

The CCP documents the county’s current trends in substance abuse, and plans for the organization of substance abuse services across the county’s continuum of prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery support services.

During the process of preparing the CCP, Mercer County collects data from the N.J. State Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services, conducts focus groups with community members and gathers data from an electronic survey.

This process helps the county’s Department of Human Services, Office on Addiction Services, plan for services for Mercer County residents, including prevention services, early intervention, treatment and recovery support services.

The electronic survey is scheduled to be available until March 3.

The survey can be found on the county’s homepage,