Colonial glassblower Sam Samshey, of Pennington, shares his knowledge of creating masterpieces with glass on Dec. 11.

Colonial cooper Russell Clark, of Princeton, stands in front of his display on Dec. 11.

Princeton Academy students set up “shoppe” at the Colonial Fair Dec. 11.

Nineteen students, or tradesmen, participated in the fair, which was open to their classmates, parents and teachers.

After a month of preparation, the students brought their social study lessons to life when they transformed the school’s library into a thriving colonial village dubbed “Zamoranosburg.”

The village was full of bakers, blacksmiths, cutlers, apothecaries, printers, gunsmiths, tanners and other tradesfolk who were eager to explain how they make a living.

Right outside Zamoranosburg was the Eye of the Hawk Tavern, or the former Princeton Academy foyer. Attendees danced and dined on colonial inspired grub such as gingerbread, flapjacks and cider.