Several elections are set to affect Bordentown Township, Bordentown City and Fieldsboro on Nov. 5.

In the township, Republican Richard J. Carson will face off against Democrat Salvatore “Sal” Schiano for one committee seat up for grabs, after the retirement of committeeman Karl Feltes.

In Fieldsboro, mayor David Hansell (D) and council members Elizabeth Marsh and Johnette Hardesky, both Democrats, are running unopposed for another term. No Republican nominations were made in Fieldsboro.

Bordentown City holds its non-partisan elections in May, so it will not have a local election.

Bordentown’s school board elections will be held the same day as the general election, with incumbents Kimberly Zablow and Mark Drew and new challengers Michael Dauber and Stephen Heberling vying for three township seats on the board.

At the Burlington County level, Republican Jean Stanfield and Democrat James Kostoplis will vie for county sheriff. Republican Tim Tyler and Democrat Nancy Youngkin will compete for the position of county clerk. For freeholder, Republican Joe Donnelly and Democrat Reva Foster will compete for one seat.

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